17 Wellbeing and Mindfulness Gifts for You Or Them

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Proud of myself for deciding to work on me this year.  Learning about affirmations and gratitude has massively helped me strengthen both my mind and my body. Through this new hippie-dippy spiritual journey, I’ve found some pretty fabulous mindfulness gifts. So if you’re looking for wellbeing present ideas or de-stress gifts for you or for a loved one, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how I’ve worked these well-being and mindfulness gifts into my day.

Unravel Tea

Mindfulness giftsIf you’re not starting your day with a soothing and relaxing or alternatively – a wild and caffeinated cup of tea, you’re missing out. Unravel Tea came to me by pure chance and now I’m on a full-blown spiritual journey of all things tea. There’s something wonderfully relaxing about steeping loose leaf tea and putting your feet up. Perhaps one of the best mindfulness gifts there is.

Tartan Blanket Co

Someone needs to take this tartan blanket away from me. I take it everywhere. It’s so cosy. Sometimes all we need is just a wee bit of cosy. Plus, it’s Scottish, so really, you can’t go wrong. I even wrote a good thing all about my recycled wool tartan blanket. Give yourself the gift of cosy, with love from Scotland.

Ostara Essential Oils

Mindfulness oilsOstara Pure Essential oils make for a great de-stress gift. I diffuse essential oils every night. Some of my favourites are rose geranium, lavender and grapefruit. Rose geranium is great for anxiety, as is lavender and grapefruit is a natural mood-booster.

Crystal Water Bottle, The Earth Angels

Mindfulness giftsI wasn’t lying when I said I’d gone on a spiritual journey. I’ve had my eyes on a crystal water bottle for ages. And I finally got one from The Earth Angels. It has an amethyst crystal in it. Here’s some of the stuff amethyst is said to help with:

  • Inner peace and healing
  • Healing body, mind and soul
  • Positive transformation
  • Meditation
  • Balance
  • Stress
  • Irritability
  • Mood swings

Who knows if it does anything? But it looks pretty and I don’t go anywhere without it. If crystals make me drink more water, then I’m all for it. Shop here.

Rose Quartz Crystal

Mindfulness giftsI am still but a baby on my crystal journey. All I know is that crystals look pretty and don’t do any harm. Sometimes I sit with them. Like a wee voodoo witch. Apparently meditating with crystals helps to charge them. I haven’t a clue, but I’m convinced there’s something in it. I keep a rose quartz crystal beside my bed. Here’s some stuff rose quartz is said to help with:

  • Love
  • Harmony
  • Peace
  • Calm
  • Tranquillity
  • Opens your heart
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Pleasant dreams (makes me have sexy dreams, or so I believe…)

As far as mindfulness gifts go, rose quartz is the gift of lurvvvve.

Naturally Pure Botanicals Soaps

Natural Pure Botanicals SoapsObsessed. We were sent a lovely box of handmade soaps from Naturally Pure Botanicals. These soaps are inspired by nature and made with love in Scotland. Naturally Pure Botanicals make luxurious hand soaps for hoomans and natural shampoo bars for doggies. Is it normal to smell your dog? They make lovely wellbeing gifts for hard-working hands.

Focus Candle HAN London

Wellbeing candleMy HAN London candle has become an essential part of my day. Every morning I have “me” time. I never used to, this is totally a 2020 thing. It started when I realised that I lived my life online. All of my work is online, so is a lot of my life through The Aye Life. So I need downtime to focus on me. This is where my lovely gift from HAN London came in. I pop it on for an hour every morning whilst I do my morning mindfulness routine.  The Spanish rosemary, bay, lavender and pine scents fill the room really quickly!

Charged Bracelets

Mindfulness giftsI have them all. Literally, I get one every Christmas from mother-in-law or Aye 2.0. They are pretty cheap and completely cheerful. When I am out and about and not stuck in the house like a cabin fever-full cat, I can usually be seen sporting at least 3 Charged bracelets. They are just adorable, simple and totally positive. The perfect budget-friendly mindfulness gift.

Lucy Sylvester Jewellery

Lucy Sylvester necklaceI came across Lucy Sylvester Jewellery when lockdown first started and I was feeling a wee bit “all over the place.” She sent me out a beautiful dog whelk necklace and since then I haven’t taken it off. This is definitely one of my favourite mindfulness gifts as my true love is the sea and I love carrying a little piece of it wherever I go. Even if it’s just to the kitchen and back!

Ocean Reed Diffuser

Ocean reed diffuser And speaking of the sea, this beauty has been lighting up my life recently. Our whole bedroom is outdoorsy/Scotland inspired, mostly because I was sick of not exploring our lovely country and needed to bring a bit of my wanderlust into my home. Plum Retail sent me this gorgeous Ocean Reed Diffuser, packed with both teeny wee shells, and big, clean, musky scents. Part of my bedroom or part of my life?

Rachel Hollis “Girl Wash Your Face”

The book that changed my outlook. Rachel Hollis is one of my favourite humans. She speaks utter sense. And she doesn’t apologise. And neither should you. Read or listen to this if you a little bit of a kick to get started. I used Audible to listen to this book and I’m glad I did. There’s something about Rachel Hollis giving you sound advice via speech that just does something.

Satin Pillowcases

Satin pillowcaseThey don’t need to be ‘spensive. Pure silk pillowcases can set you back but satin pillowcases do much and such the same thing. Not only are they super luxurious to sleep on, but they help with healthy hair and skin by not being abrasive like cotton pillowcases.

Sandwick Bay Candles

Scottish candlesHand-poured on the beautiful Isle of Lewis, Sandwick Bay candles make for a gorgeous gift. Our friend Megan at Sandwick Bay sent us a lovely wee box of scents recently and asked me to tell her my favourite. I am completely obsessed with the seagrass scent. I am trying to be conservative because I think I would go through one candle a day if I was left to my own devices. These Scottish candles smell fresh, luxurious and reminiscent of island wanders.

Taking the Plunge

Wellbeing giftsThis book is my everything right now. It is making me miss wild swims more than ever and I just can’t wait for the day I can dawn a cozzie and jump into a loch, shortly followed by Aye 2.0 and Snoop dog. Taking the Plunge is a brilliant book all about wild swimming. It is uplifting, positive and incredibly refreshing.

Calm App Subscription

Because meditation is the new black. Calm has done wonders for Aye 2.0. Basically every GP in the UK recommends the Calm app these days because it is such a powerhouse of meditation and mindfulness. Perhaps not one of the obvious mindfulness gifts but approached gently and sent with love, this would be a really thoughtful gift for someone who wants to try meditation.

Health Journal

Health journalMy mental health is affected massively by what I eat. If I sustain on cookies and fried chips, it is a sure show that I will feel like crap. Sluggish, zero motivations, down. But swap that out for a balanced diet packed with veggies and nutrients? I feel incredible. I picked up a health journal from Paperchase at the beginning of the year and I use it to record my steps, water intake and diet. I’ve lost a stone so far. 

5 Second Rule

Mental health giftsAnd last, but certainly not least, is the gift of Mel Robbins, one of my favourite motivational speakers. Mel is a natural, pure and completely unfiltered diamond. Her book, ‘The 5 Second Rule’ basically changed my life. If you think you need a shove in the right direction, check it out. But be warned, it might change your whole outlook on life.

“The best way to capture moments is to pay attention. This is how we cultivate mindfulness.” – Jon Kabat-Zinn


**Some items within this post were gifted but opinions my own, and spiritual baby**





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