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I’m originally from Inverness and to this day I find it funny when Aberdonian folk rip into my accent. It’s a two-way street sheep. Here’s a spanking new, hot-off-the-dress #AyeDidntKnowThat all about my Heilan’ home toon. 5 fun facts about InveRRRness…

5 Fun Facts About Inverness

  1. In Shakespeare’s play Macbeth (GET ME BTW), Inverness Castle was the site where Macbeth murdered King Duncan. Good to kick things off on a nice light note huh? Side note: I can’t stand Shakespeare. I didn’t understand it when I was 12, I didn’t get it when I was foolhardy and went to see Macbeth on stage (thankfully I had 6 cocktails beforehand) and I don’t get it now. To those who do, you guys have an Aye-Q for days.
  2. The Old High Church in Inverness was used as a Jacobite Prison after Culloden and many were executed in its grounds. Which seems like the real churchy thing to do…
  3. In the 15th century, Medieval Inverness suffered regular raids from the Western Isles, particularly by the Clan MacDonald, Lords of the Isles. Those guys are my ancestors. Which is probably how I came to be in Inverness. Blood-thirsty uncles eh? Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em.
  4. In 1562, Mary, Queen of Scots was denied admittance into Inverness by some important governor dude whom she afterwards caused to be hanged. It’s like us Queens always say, “you win some, you hang some.”
  5. There are a few healing springs around Inverness. At Clachnaharry, there is one named Fuaran Priseag (The Precious Well) which is said to have been blessed by Saint Kessock and could supposedly treat weak and sore eyes, as well as expelling evil curses, in exchange for a silver coin. 5p seems pretty reasonable to banish unwanted arseholes.

Heading up to the Highland capital? Well, it turns out I know more about Inverness than I do about blended pecans, so check out this epic post we created all about things to do in Inverness!



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