5 Reasons To See Annie The Musical at HMT, Aberdeen

It’s a Hard Knock Life

Whilst the boys were having a man-date at Capo Farmhouse, a pal and I drove into Faberdeen in the bleakest of bleak weather to go and see the much-anticipated stage show of Annie. On the way in we battled with typical North East fog, battering rain and the remnants of a hot-tub hangover. Hot-tub hangovers are the worst, ken? And you think you knew a hard knock life… We made it to the theatre around 1 minute after kick-off and entered/sauntered into the show to a Hard Knock Life soundtrack. It was possibly one of my most fabulous moments and yet all the lights were on the stage. Damnit. If you haven’t been to see Annie, here are 5 reasons why you should don your glad rags and head up Easy Street.

No.1, Little Girls

Annie is teaming with mucky, wee talented lassies with big, powerful pipes and dance moves to boot. I wanted to be 10 again, jumping on a bed whilst singing about hard done by I was. There was something terribly uplifting about the girlish chorus reverberating of the theatre walls. So much so that I could feel myself grinning like a Cheshire cat, then looked around to make sure nobody had caught me out at my most cheesy.

No.2, Easy Street

The set for Annie The Musical was fantastic. So much detail, and so well put-together. And isn’t the theatre literally the definition of Easy Street? After all, it is the place to forget about all your troubles and as Judy Garland so aptly put it, “get happy.” Back that up with glamour, brass instrumentals and big can-can kicks, and you have yourself a night for the books.

No.3, Tomorrow

Tomorrow, you’ll be kicking about the house giving it all those house-vocals that your pals and family miss out on. If they only knew about your talent, you’d be a leading lady. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be singing “hard knock life” into a banana whilst cleaning the windows, winking at passers-by. That, my friend, is the Annie effect. Also, “the sun will come out tomorrow” couldn’t be more relevant when the North East is 50 shades of grey.

No.4, Oliver Warbucks

The cast of Annie The Musical is fantastic, including Lesley Joseph as the naughty Miss Hannigan, but (and I am sorry for the complete objectification) but Oliver Warbucks is completely beautiful.

No.5, You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile

The best bit about Annie is the total-feel good stuff. It doesn’t matter how hungover you are when you have all these absolute talents in front of you making you laugh and snort and cry into your 4th bottle of irn-bru. I’ve seen the film more times than is really necessary for life but nothing could prepare me for the wee dog in the cast. Every time that wee hairy devil crossed the stage, I was howling. All the tears.

Get your tickets here crew – Annie in Aberdeen.



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