A Couple’s Guide To The Most Unique Experiences To Enjoy In London

If you are looking for a weekend away with a difference, London has plenty to offer when it comes to unique experiences. From climbing the O2 to grabbing a hot tub ride on the canal, here is the lowdown of the most unique experience to enjoy in London with your other half.

Work With Lara Croft

New in 2022, The Tomb Raider LIVE Experience is an unforgettable adventure collaborating with your partner to uncover hidden relics and race to the tomb. Throughout the adventure you will have the chance to overcome challenging puzzles, escape a sinking ship, and battle the assault courses, all whilst interacting with characters from the Tomb Raider franchise, including Lara herself to guide you along the way. The Tomb Raider live experience tickets are available now through the official website.

Climb The O2

Up for your next adventure already? Climbing the O2 should definitely be on your bucket list if you are not scared of heights. Being up this high allows you to get spectacular views of the big city, with the option to climb in the daytime, sunset, or evenings. For a unique romantic experience, consider climbing at sunset, so you can watch the sun setting together over the impressive London skyline.

Hot Tub In The Canal

Yes, a hot tub in the canal; you heard us right! For a unique experience you will not forget in a hurry, hire a HotTug. This is a self-driving hot tub situated in the London canals, perfect for a date with your significant other. Bring a bottle of champagne and find your own private oasis in the centre of London. No matter the weather, the HotTug will keep you warm and cosy.

Forage And Feast In The Capital

You might not have thought that you could get back to nature while being in the UK’s capital city, but you would be very wrong. Totally Wild have a foraging and feast tour which includes a 6hour foraging course, so you can learn how to make meals from things you can find in the great outdoors. These are skills you can take home to use again and again, just follow this guide for everything you need to start food foraging.

Become Immersed In An Otherworld

Otherworld is a VR immersive adventure that is great for gamer couples looking for a unique day out. Not only will you experience VR technology, but you will also get to feel heat, wind, and rumbling effects as you discover and complete adventures together. You and your partner will each step into a private pod and meet again as avatars on the virtual island. You can then step through the 16 portals located across the island, each with its own unique game or experience.

Whatever you and your partner are into, we have you covered with these unique and impressive experiences to enjoy as a couple in London. All thats left is to find the most romantic hotel and get packing!