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A Highland Coastal Gem: The Golf View Hotel & Hickory Restaurant

This post is part of a collaboration with The Golf View Hotel and Hickory Restaurant. Our thanks to the team for a cracking stay, as always.

The Golf View Hotel is how to do Nairn in style. The Hickory Restaurant in The Golf View Hotel is how to do Nairn in style. Bringing your two dogs to The Golf View Hotel is doing Nairn with two stubborn lumps who listen to literally no words you say. Like, zero commandos. But yeah, our dogs travel in style. Stubborn, lumpy, useless style. Cute style. But stressful style. Every so often we visit somewhere in Scotland with our two dogs and they do this horse-on-hind legs thing. They relax. Just… relax. The Golf View Hotel is one of those places. It’s just a vibe. Like, everything just flows. Even the dogs’ flow. Even Corrie flows. He never flows. Cause he’s an unruly horse.

Sea View Junior Suite

The first time we visited, I took in the bonnie timeless decor and beautiful sea view. This time, I took in the time away from Corrie. The suite is huge. He was at one end, my nemesis, and I was at the other, hiding from him. It worked for everybody. Callie, our trustee faithful, made a point of being even further away from him. I think the 4 of us all had a corner at one point. Spacious suites are more than welcome after 2 weeks of travelling every bloomin’ corner of Scotland in Van Heilan. I must add, we took two weeks of aimless travelling around Scotland to find our feet in Van Heilan, and whilst we will be full-time travelling in VH, it will be at a much slower pace going forward. Because I ca’ keep up.What I can keep up with however is a godsend of a bath. I didn’t manage to squeeze in a bath the last time we stayed at The Golf View. This time it was my soul mission. Alongside a right good feeding in the Hickory restaurant. There is a separate bathroom in the Sea View Junior Suite, with a beautiful copper bathtub and separate shower. I stayed in there often, away from Corrie. And Callie. And Scott and my responsibilities. Highly recommend it.

Wee Touches

When you check into a Sea View Junior Suite at The Golf View, you check into another world. Classical music plays on the old-timey radio as you find yourself tearing up to Mozart whilst you write a blog post about West Coast fish. True story. Chocolate-covered strawberries welcome you with their friends, macarons. A bed the size of Madrid with but the best bedding waits in earnest. Because that’s The Golf View. I like it here. I also find Nairn to be a bit of a Highland haven away from the hustle and bustle of, well, everything. We visited in the height of the Summer season and yet, it was chill. I needed chill after days up the Cairngorms with but midges for company. There are no midges in Nairn. Told you, haven.

Laps o’ Leisure

And whilst I caught up with some writing with my ol’ pal Mozart, Scott hit the waves. Nae the wild waves this time (I think he needed a break after being low-key pummelled by cleggs at Loch Tay), but the laps o’ leisure in the hotel’s leisure centre. I enjoyed this. Peace. Well, peace with two dogs. But the Golf View Hotel effect had hit them, they were chilling. I really enjoyed this.When Scott eventually returned, he was knackered. Funny how relaxing makes you so tired eh? He loved it though. He was a funny happy peachy colour. Think he made pals in the sauna, which doesn’t sound weird to write at all.

Happenin’ at Hickory

But alas, Scott came back for food. Scott always comes back for food. And I had arrived for food. And we had a booking at Hickory. You know you’re in for a good time when you’ve got a booking at Hickory. The menu is to die for. Literally, out of this world. Fine Scottish food with a touch of luxe. Works for me. So off we went, via Van Heilan to relocate the dogs for an hour or two.

By the way, side note for how handy a van conversion is when you are travelling and want a date night. We just popped them both in with kongs full of sweeties, a good whack of air-con, and Anna Nicolson Harris Tweeds suspended from the ceiling to ensure no Corrie-dramas. He has a taste for tweed, I just know it. Nae a peep out of them, full bellies equals happy dogs. We did take them back into the bar after dinner for a few (stunning) cocktails. Aye, we had the cocktails, nae them. Neither of them like gin.Dinner was lush. But of course it was. It always is at Hickory. The atmosphere is confident, comfortable, and classy. For starters, I had one of the best yet. Scallops, confit pork belly, langoustine tail, pineapple syrup. Perfect. Samphire accompanied. Samphire wins. Scotts was a king prawn, langoustine, and crayfish cocktail. Scottish seafood wins. Every time.Then for main, we shared a tomahawk steak, with peppercorn and béarnaise for company. With chips. Because Scott would order soup with chips if he could. What can I say, the boys a chip of the old block.Dessert, like everything Hickory does, was perfect. It was nice to see the “Nairnshire” part in my strawberry pavlova. All menus should promote Scottish-grown, it adds something. Scott had a coconut panna cotta, caramelised pineapple, and pistachio, which again, did good things for us. Hickory scores again.

Coastal Luxe

If you’re looking for a staycation this year, and you’re stuck for ideas, do things in style at The Golf View. The place carries a relaxing, flow, which I think is a testament to not only the team but to the Crerar Hotels brand for creating. Cheers pals! Book here.



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This article contains sponsored/gifted content.