Aberdeen Gin Fest: Tipple and Tonic

When Life Gives You The Lemon Tree

Go there, drink neat and forget absolutely all of your responsibilities. Or at least that’s what I’m planning to do. This will be our first time at the Aberdeen Gin Fest and not for a lack of trying. At the start of each year I say to myself, “if there’s one thing I’m going to go to this year then it will be the Aberdeen Gin Fest.” 

And then low and behold, as soon as the festival swings round, I’m in a yurt on the Isle of Harris in a grade 45 storm. Without gin. Which is criminal really. But not this year. Oh no bitch3s! I have officially planned to return from yurt life so I can attend this year’s fest. And if I’m going to all that effort to be there, hip and square, aren’t you?


Did you know that there are more gins in Aberdeen than there is sticks of Brazilian rhubarb..? Yeah, I know right?! Aberdeen saw gin coming and was like, “well naturally, darling.” And up popped The Teasmith Gin, Porters and Granite North. 

But there are also some “holiday gins” attending this year’s fest. Holiday gins are gins that aren’t from Aberdeen but come to the fest so their owners can have long weekends away in posh hotels. Which I’m okay with by the way. Some of the holiday gins attending include; (but are by no means limited to) Pickering’s, Shetland Reel and Whitley Neill.

Gin For The Winner

So what’s the script with the Aberdeen Gin Fest then? Well, it takes place at The Lemon Tree on Friday 5th and Saturday 6th of July. There is one session on Friday night and two more on the Saturday. We are going to one session because Aye 2.0 wasn’t sold on the idea of me going to all three. That’s cause he drives and I drink. Then he makes up for it at home and we both end up in a spirit-infused circus. Book your unforgettable gin experience here and we will see you there. 



The Chief.