Victoria, Content Creator & Influencer

Hi, my name’s Victoria and I am a prime example of the phrase, “when life hands you lemons, chuck them at your enemies and tip back tequila.” I had a rough start out in life. When I say a rough start, I mean there are roughly 21 years that I would put in the “relatively shite” pile.

I moved away from my Heilan’ home of Inverness when I was 21. And where did I go? Costa Del Aberdonia. It was there that I met my glorious other half and my depression really took off. Not his fault. More thanks to that “relatively shite” pile I mentioned earlier.

Just when things were peak lemon, Scott arsed his back in a helicopter incident (which is not as glamorous as it sounds). Then he lost his job, just after we bought a brand new, really old and falling apart hoose on a hill. More lemons. For a good while, I was depressed and Scott was a cripple. We were a 2 out of 10 to be around. But there was one thing we both had during all of this lemon-age; skills. We were both ship hot at stuff. Not to fiddle my own horn, but when I put my mind to something, I can fly the distance. And Scott? Give him a laptop and he’ll turn it on.

Life started at the ripe al’ age of 23. And since then I have been giving it hell for leather. I kind of have Scott to blame for this. He decided during our lemon period that he wanted to create a money-comparison website, which he did. He came to me when he realised that he had no words to put on his money-comparison website. I wrote an article about reducing your banana spend. Which was hilarious. But not money-saving content, it was money-making content.
Forgive me, for I have won.

We created this Scottish blog, which started life as (because I was having a really great Her day at the time. Vacant eye roll). It took off. We took off, all over Scotland, to New Orleans. greatHerday was renamed when we decided that it didn’t suit Scott, who is not a her. Well, not yet anyway… For the right price. Alas, The Aye Life was born.

On The Aye Life, I blether about this and that. Mostly travel, drink and lifestyle. Which is a perfect reflection of our life. But I write funny. Boycie from Only Fools and Horses agrees. Life highlight.

Scott is a tech-boss, I am a content coo and together, we are a Social force to be reckoned with. All of this and more led us to create, where we offer all of these services to epic wee businesses.

Oh yeah, and I enjoy short walks on the beach, creating cocktails, loose pyjama bottoms, afternoon naps, travelling and drinking tequila. Without lemons.

Scott, Content Creator & Web Developer

Fit like en?! I’m Scott, born and bred Aberdonian.

I always wanted a website. What would be on the website was an other question completely, but I knew I needed one.

Then life through me a curve ball; One industrial accident in the back end of a Sikorsky 91 Helicopter, the odd epidural and back surgery suddenly gave me all the time in the world to conquer the world. So what did I do? I played Grand Theft Auto for 6 months while by back was meant to be getting better.

But it didn’t, and when the penny dropped that I couldn’t physically do my old job anymore and GTA wasn’t going to pay the bills for me,  I uttered those fateful words to Victoria, “We need a website

And the rest is history. A whole new universe has become my new normal. Manic trips around Scotland and abroad, Silly-good experiences, Helping business’s digitally and the perks and pitfalls of working for yourself.  I’m now a full time Blogger, Web Designer, Company Director, Social Media helper-outer and an inhaler off food at buffets or anywhere that has canapés. The last one was always the case though. Some things never change.

If you take anything away from these ramblings, then go get yourself a website. It can change your life.

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