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Aldi alcohol – Alksa Cider


I have been a fan of Kopparberg ever since sun was introduced to the weather forecast. Kopparberg brings back many a Summery boozing memory for most of it’s drinkers.

It is safe to say that this cider has heightened in popularity over the last few years and has become a staple for the garden BBQ and music festival.

However, what if I told you that there is an even better fruity cider saving a third of the price…

Meet Alska, which I believe will soon trump Kopparberg in any taste test. Both ciders have a very similar taste, although I have found that Alska is much less heavy and causes less bloating. It is also suitable for vegans and is gluten free. Therefore nobody should feel left out on an Alska day.


£2.29 for a single Kopparberg,

£1.49 for a single Alska Cider. – Take all of my money Alska.

Don’t get me wrong, I won’t turn a Kopparberg down if it is offered to me. However when it comes to purchasing my booze, I now take a trip down to Aldi for a few bottles of the good stuff. They also have a variety of flavours, more than Kopparberg. If you dont have an Aldi nearby you can get a case deliverd to your door from Amazon.


Alska Cider Flavours

The flavours are listed below in order of tastiness. I obviously taste tested them all, for research purposes of course…

Strawberry and Lime

Peach and Raspberry

Nordic Berries

Pure Pear

Pear and Lychee

Lemon and Ginger


So the next time you are looking to pick up a few bottles of fruity cider, take your pennies down to Aldi. You won’t regret this tasty Aldi cider.

You can also check out more cheap alcohol brands.




The Chief.
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