5 Reasons to Glamp with Arda Glamping

Simple Yet Significant

If you haven’t yet been glamping in the Highlands…have you really experienced the Highlands? The best way to enjoy Scotland’s magnificent landscape is to become a part of it. We find this more and more as we travel endless hours, ending up in the back-end of nowhere, snapping 22,000 photos of the same hill. Luxury hotels have their place, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes we just need to step back and reconnect. Arda Glamping is home to the infamous Prancing Pony Pod and the new addition of Arnor, a romantic eco-cabin. We recently fell in love with the natural Highland gem and just had to share ALL the glamp-age.


‘All good things are wild and free’

Ah nature. Remember nature? Nature is that thing that we used to be a part of before we lived on screens. Nature is where you go to see natural perfection that needs no filter. Arda Glamping is all about nature. So if you want to find out what trees look like, pop by Sutherland on your next Heilan’ jaunt. We think you will be surprised at just how natural nature is…


‘Come on inner peace, I don’t have all day’

Peace, tranquil, chill, NO FLIPPIN’ RINGTONES. No radio, no spotify, no itunes, no spotifytunes, no nothing. Sweet FRUIT ALMONDS. In other words, pure perfection. Our lives are so consumed by noise from technology and other (sometimes unnecessary) humans. If I step away from noise for even 5 minutes, I literally feel high. Imagine waking up in a forest in a glamping cabin of dreams with nothing but cute little birdies and the drip drop of fresh rain on your window. Chillin. Like. A. Villain.


‘I love you nearly as much as gin’

I would say skip this part if you are single but that would be GIANT BALLS. Take some time out to love yourself (that wasn’t supposed to sound rude). We all need just a little bit of time to stop comparing ourselves to every John, Nick and Larry. Chuck your phone out a window (or temporarily give it to Stacie, the glamp chief) because who NEEDS to look at a screen all the days? It’s only 24 hours, you’ll make it.

Good Vibes

‘Got that hell yeah, bad-ass, booty-shakin, good vibes feeling going on’

Perhaps the most important to reason to glamp/camp/sleep without plasterboard. It’s so chill. No washing, hoovering, ironing, finding the telly remote. Nothing. Which gives you plenty of time to create your own fun, such as sipping craft beers and playing board games. You won’t be disturbed at Arda and you are encouraged to just chill the FRUIT out. Good vibes all round.

Zero Waste

‘Time is precious, waste it wisely’

You will find yourself fawning over the strangest of things at Arda. Nothing goes to waste. The cabins have been made out of random stuff that would of otherwise seen the dump. There truly is an art in recreation. Stacie, the chief at Arda has utilised fallen trees, trailer parts, sticks her dog found and random antlers of the hill to create the COOLEST little den. She is the ultimate person to be shipwrecked with as she would have created you a multiplex apartment building by the end of day 1. Made from palm trees and coconuts. Arda Glamping makes me realise how crap my own imagination is. Pinterest FTW.

Arda you glamping yet, man?

Huge thanks to Stacie for showing us around Arda. We loved our time there and can’t wait to return/move in for a week, which I think, with a bit of persuasion, could be an option… Although Stacie doesn’t know this yet. Keep thy eyes peeled for our Arda pod reviews which will be coming very soon.



The Chief.