Bad Girl Bakery: Highland Lunch Goals

Where the Bad Girls go

My first experience with Bad Girl Bakery was an unknown one. It was 4am and we had taken the Caledonian Sleeper to Preston, as opposed to London, for a trip to Blackpool. Keep up. *Momentary distraction whilst I just ogle over Danny from Grease on Boxing Day TV. I’m going to get into leather pants this year. New Year diet goals right there.* Anyway… where was I? Oh yes. Preston. 4am. After sleeping overnight on a train. And creating a suitcase bed extension for my huge arse.

There was a wee tap on the door from the tr-attendant who was bearing gifts of scent-iful proportions. Breakfast cupcakes and bacon. I can’t eat bacon at 4am unless I’m drunk or yeah, drunk. But I can eat cake anytime. Which is both impressive and one of my greatest downfalls. This cake was good. This cake was a Bad Girl Bakery cake. And it well and truly made an impression.

Muir of Ord

Muir of Ord like 20 minutes from Inverness and seeing as I’m a native Highlander, we dropped by a couple of months ago for gin cakes. This was round 2 of Bad Girl bliss. Muir of Ord is just a teeny wee village with a few wee shops and a feeling of community spirit. Bad Girl Bakery has given MOO (Muir of Ord) the outsider appeal. You know when you only go to a village for the sake of cake? No? I do. Bad Girl Bakery.

Ladies who lunch

Round 3 saw us on a Christmas vacay (always wanted to say that) to Inverness. It was short and quite literally, sweet. I was absolutely desperate to get back to Aberdeenshire to drink and get fatter pre-January diet. Whilst we were up in the Highlands, we covered the 2 F’s. Food and family. And I ended up eating and drinking more in those 2 days than I did over Christmas. SorryNotSorry.

We popped into Bad Girl Bakery for a sit-down lunch and being completely honest, I just expected a half-decent sandwich and maybe some crisps. I ordered a turkey, brie, stuffing and cranberry toastie and to date, that is one of the best toasties I have ever had. It came with crisps (I got that part right) and a beautifully dressed salad. I usually leave the salad. Not this time duckers.

Aye 2.0 ordered curried lentil and coconut soup, again not knowing what to expect. I will never forget the pure delight on his face and the soup dripping off his “I haven’t left home for 2 weeks” beard.

Bad Girl Bakery

I’m slightly emotional just thinking about it. But if you haven’t had a white hot chocolate, have you even lived? Oh my god. I first had one with Cocoa Ooze a couple of years ago and kind of forgot they were a thing. Until we went back to Bad Girl Bakery. A white hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows is better than life itself. My wee face. Oh, I was so happy.

We grabbed a few goodies to go. A mix of raspberry and crème brûlée doughnuts which there was absolutely no way I could have eaten at the time. Unless I wanted to leak sugar everywhere.

Instead, I enjoyed a private dining experience that evening with La Belle Assiette and arrived home drunk off gin and ginger. Do you know what tastes great at midnight with gin and ginger? 3 Bad Girl Bakery doughnuts. Not sorry for that either.

Round 4

Bad Girl Bakery is doing amazing things at the moment. It’s fantastic to see what was once just a small bakery in Muir of Ord making such a dent on the Scottish foodie scene. Bad Girl has recently opened a fab wee van in Inverness’ Falcon Square, beside the Eastgate Centre. We didn’t get a chance to pop by during our ridiculously busy Highland trip, but I think 2019 could be the year of the cake van fan.



The Chief.
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