Beatles Chalet at The Four Seasons Hotel, St Fillans

Chalet and Chill

There’s one thing I want to do in life – buy a piece of land near a river or loch and build a log cabin with a mental view.

Luckily we got to prematurely experience the dream with our stay at the Four Seasons Hotel’s Holiday Chalets in St Fillans near Perth. We stayed in the The Four Seasons Hotel last year when we toured around the Trossachs and Perthshire in a shiny new MINI Countryman. This time though, we were back in our own car and we had a cling-on; our dog Callie the Lab, mixed with some other stuff we have yet to figure out.

Beatles Barn

Immense scenery and a magnificent Loch to peer out at just wasn’t enough for our digs. Nope, we had a bit of Rock n’ Roll history attached too… And it’ll make you twist and shout. Or just gasp in awe. Or gasp and shout. Who knows.

The Beatles stayed here in 1964. Ringo and George kipped together in Chalet 1, while Lennon and McCartney stayed in Chalet 6. And the chalet was where we hung out, slept and watched MP’s waste everyone’s lives with Brexit votes on the BBC News channel. Oh, how life must have been simpler in the ’60s… There was no internet, and that, for one night only, was quite frankly a blessing in disguise. So we did what all chalet folks do, we pretended that our lives and livelihood did not depend on the need for internet. We were practically in hiding. It was marvellous.

Cabin in the Woods

Our chalet slept four, with a double bed in the main room and two single beds to the rear. But it was all about the main bedroom.

As we were in the chalet at the very top of the hill, I’m just going to assume that we had the best view, because it was pretty immense. Lying in bed looking out at that was just a special experience.

Immediately to the rear was an old railway line which was great for a little dog walk (and for big dog walks). Callie is a water baby so Loch Earn was her main play area. Last year we did a few laps of the Loch in the MINI, and it was a spectacular drive. The nearest biggish town is Crieff, about 12 miles away with Perth clocking in at 30 miles.

You stay in a chalet at The Four Seasons Hotel to get away from the mundaneness of 21st-century life. At night you can hear all the wildlife right outside the door, and Callie was massively confused and intrigued by the sound of twoo-ing owls.

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Our stay at Chalet 6 was gifted but as always, opinions are our own.