Bounce Energy Balls Review – Healthy food that tastes like naughty food.2 min read

Bounce Energy Balls Review

It is always exciting to see the man from Amazon walk up the drive in the morning. I don’t think he knows that he can actually drive up it. Maybe he is trying to be healthier like me and if this is the case then I’m glad he never started munching these Bounce Energy Balls on the way up the drive. All the more for me!

Bounce energy are packing balls

Love the box that these Bounce Energy Balls arrived in as it reminds me of the boxes that I used to save pennies in when I was a kid. Unfortunately when you grow up, saving pennies doesn’t happen nearly as often. Great childhood memories! Maybe I will use the box to start saving pennies again… after January obviously! The box contained 5 energy balls, similar to a box of tennis balls but edible obviously. The colours on the wrapper also go with the colours I have just painted my spare bedroom. Bounce knew!

  • Cute, childlike box.
  • Convenient, minimalistic wrapping
  • The perfect size for your handbag
  • Bright, vibrant colours.

Healthy food that tastes like naughty food.

I ordered these on a whim because I heard that they were really tasty. Usually, I am dubious about buying health foods like these as they often taste like sweetened cardboard. Prepare to be food happy as these taste amazing. I have tried to make my own energy balls and they ended up squished in my handbag, leaving coconut flakes everywhere. Bounce Energy Balls are firm and have a nice crunch to them. They taste great and are much lighter than I thought they would be. I picked the Coconut & Macadamia flavour

  • Crunchy but firm
  • Small but flavours and ingredients leave you feeling satisfied.
  • The protein and nuts Bounce Energy Balls are renowned for keeping you full.
  • Sweet but not too sweet.


Bounce Energy Ball Benefits

Trying these out will not leave you disappointed and I will definitely be trying some of their other flavours. They left me feeling full until dinner time. They taste so good that I will be ordering them in bulk from my man friend at Amazon. There will be one in my handbag at all times now for those times where I need a little energy top up. These will also be a great go to snack for the post-exercise slump after a gym session.

They contain protein, keeping you full and helping to restore your muscles even on those days where you can’t be bothered doing anything.

Nuts contain healthy fats which also help to keep you full so replace the choccy bar!

Bounce Energy Balls contain a high level of Vitamin E which helps to protect your cells from stress and damage. I can’t see my cells but I believe scientists when they tell me this.

Enjoy your energy balls ladies! Bounce Energy Balls for a theayelife!



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