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Broadford Lodges: Cosy Autumnal Weekend on the Isle of Skye

I didn’t know I needed to visit Broadford Lodges on Skye for a long weekend. It turns out I absolutely did need to visit Broadford Lodges on Skye for a long weekend. We all need to switch off sometimes huh? Even me! And if you know me, you’ll know I never switch off, but I really did when I was on Skye and it was brilliant at the least and even a wee bit magical. I spent most of the stay under a cosy blanket listening to the wind and rain batter the windows, whilst I watched Good Witch and sipped on Baileys. It was heavenly.

Broadford, Isle of Skye

Not long after you come over the famous Skye Bridge, you’ll reach Broadford, home of Skye Candles, and probably the best base for visiting Skye. Broadford has everything you need, from a big Coop for picking up all your munchies and a roast chicken for a cosy weekend with a roast dinner at Broadford Lodges, and Skye Candles, because if you haven’t already picked up a Raspberry and White Ginger candle from there, you’re doing something wrong. Their candles smell incredible.

Broadford Lodges

The lodges are on the outskirts of Skye and for me, this is what I envisage as a future house; a wooden log cabin on a Scottish island… maybe.Broadford lodges are dog-friendly so Callie and Corrie were coorie’d in with us. I’d pen them for Scotland’s most travelled dogs. The lodge we stayed in, ‘Talisker’ has two bedrooms; one, a double and the other, two twin beds. The lodge has two bathrooms too, so my other half and I split up and had a bathroom each. Pretty boujee after being in Van Heilan for a wee stretch. There was also a well-sized, fully-kitted out kitchen, dining area and open plan cosy living area.The lodge was immaculate, with huge windows to the front which looked out over the hills and greenery. The weather was very Scottish during our visit but that made it all the more appealing. Autumn had just started and the storm outside made the lodge inside even better (if that was even possible).

Good Witch

I love anything spooky and magical and when we arrived, the TV was logged into someone else’s Netflix. The last show they were watching was Good Witch (which I had never seen) so I ended up watching two seasons whilst we stayed in the lodge. A few spooky things have happened since which have set me up with a whole new project, and honestly, I don’t think any of that would have happened if I hadn’t switched off work and enjoyed the coorie of Broadford Lodges.After our visit to Broadford Lodges, we were bound for the Isle of Harris, which was every bit as wonderful as I remember, but a few spooky things happened on Harris too, which tied right back to our stay on Skye.

Maybe it’s because I switched off, or maybe it’s because Broadford Lodges are a place for magical memories. Either way, I’m grateful.

Broadford B&B

Alongside Broadford Lodges, the owners also have Broadford B&B which isn’t just lovely and cosy, but also does one of the best Scottish fry-ups we’ve had. So aye, make your base Broadford for visiting the beautiful Isle of Skye. Pause and relax at Broadford Lodges or Broadford B&B.



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This article contains sponsored/gifted content.