Brodie Castle History: Colourful Characters and Fun Facts

I’ve been to the year 1200

We pass Brodie Castle every single time we drive up to Inverness. And we drive up to Inverness heaps. Because I’m from there. And I just can’t escape the place (I’ve tried, Lord knows I’ve tried). Brodie Castle is packed with interes-tory (interesting history). Why I bother to shorten words when I need to explain them anyway is beyond me. But seeing as this castle is a solid 8/10, I thought I’d best share some interesting facts that you wouldn’t otherwise know if it wasn’t for me. I know right? I’m so good to you all.

So, without further ado, here lies at least 6 interesting things that I’ve gone oot my way to tell you about Brodie Castle. Obviously, I won’t be offended if you don’t read but I may comfort myself with bags of mozzarella. 3 bags. To be exact.

Brodie Castle History

This is possibly the most interesting thing you’re read in this hour. Brodie Castle has been home to the Brodie Clan for over 400 years. Insane huh? I’ve moved house like 5 times in 8 years (people keep looking for me). The Brodie Clan seat has been here since the 12th Century.


Not for the fool in the china shop, this castle is full to the brim with expensive stuff such as French furniture, porcelain and paintings. Which would be one of those times where Aye 2.0 puts his hand firmly behind my back and safely yet hastily evacuates me from the premises. I’ve only broken 7 bones and most ornaments so I’ve no idea where he’s coming from. But on a serious note, Brodie castle got all the glam.

I Could Be Your Naked Flame

In 1645, Lord Gordon (otherwise known as burny-mcburno) burned the place down which to this day, infuriates me! Imagine finally getting your bathroom plastered and a new crushed velvet chesterfield and boom, here comes Lordy McLordface to burn the place down. I’d be back-charging for that!

You’re All That And Dim Sum

Side note: sometimes people pay me for these puns. There is a spelling error on one of the Chinese dinner service thingys in the dining room. It bears the Brodie coat of arms alongside the motto, “unite.” But the painter “made a mistake” and spelt it “untie.” Because of course, that was “a mistake.” Bet he was pals with burny-McLord-face up there. These guests can’t be trusted.

This Time Next Year Rodders

Beside the entrance drive leading to the Castle is a carved Pictish stone known as Rodney’s Stone. This stands 6 feet high and is carved both with traditional Pictish symbols and a portrait of Rodney from Only Fools and Horses, hence the name. Not massively true.

Daffodils R Us

If you visit Brodie Castle in Spring, you will be spoiled with over 100 varieties of daffodil. Seriously, daffodils EVERYWHERE. It’s dead pretty.

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The Chief.