Tigh Scomar Bungalow: Rent Your Own Highland Home

On Farm 

As a born and bred Invernegian, I know these Highland lands like the back of my hand. Although in saying that, I don’t really know the back of my hand. So let’s go with, “like the bottom of a gin bottle.” Yes, that makes much more sense… I know these Highland lands like the bottom of a bottle of Scottish gin. But unfortunately I know them as an ageing Highlander, and not like a tourist who’s been pre-trip spoon fed Outlander and Braveheart in heavy doses. I moved to a land, far far away. Aberdeen may only be 2 and a half hours away from Inverness but when you’ve been starved of options, it’s practically the Vegas of the North. Moving away taught me to appreciate the Highlands like nothing more than a visitor. And for me, that’s the best way.

Outlander Land


Scotland is like the equivalent of Disney for Scottish patriotism, history and Outlander landscapes. So when we were invited to stay with a dear friend of ours in her newly renovated Highland bungalow, in the heart of Fraser country, we were itching for a wee Heilan’ road trip. And considering my truly madly granny bides in Inverness, we decided to kill stones with several birds. And my granny is always happy to see me and Aye 2.0. She rolls the welcome wagon out by refraining from calling me a wee bitch (in a loving way) for at least the first half hour we’re there and by leaving her livingroom door open long enough for us to plank our bums down on the sofas without the door being slammed shut within seconds to “avoid the draft.” But granny MacD had to wait, we had country fish to fry.

Tigh Scomar Bungalow

What’s your favourite kind of welcome when you arrive somewhere after travelling? If it was abroad, I’d say a cocktail and some salty nuts. But in Scotland, it just has to be a “down here on the farm” welcome! Mairi and Mark, the owners of the blissful wee bungalow have 3 extremely animated collies who just love to play fetch with just about anything. As the owners know we love dogs, we were met by the doggies for a wee kick about in the 26 degree heat!! In Scotland! The farm is home to coos, sheeps, horses and hens and during our stay, BABY LAMBIES! So of course I was in my element between the super attentive collies and the sooky lambs. Best welcome ever!

Tigh Scomar Bungalow sits on a wee hill just up from the main farmhouse. It is a lovely little country house with lovely views over the surrounding countryside scenery.

The bungalow is immaculate and spacious with a large kitchen, comfy living-room and spotless two bedrooms, one twin and one double – both have plenty of storage.

And there are French doors leading out onto a decking area outside the back of the house for you to enjoy a wee local gin or dram.

Bruiach Mill Farm, home to Tigh Scomar is just minutes from Beauly, home to Beauly Priory which was featured in Outlander. Loch Ness and Urquhart Castle are also nearby amongst other great attractions. Inverness is only a 10 minute drive away and if you’re new to the area then you can check out our post which gives you 34 things to do in Inverness. 

A nights stay for four at the Highland bungalow starts at as little as £50 and you can book today here.

Ostara Skincare

The lovely lady who owns and works on the croft is extremely passionate about aromatherapy and natures natural benefits. Around 5 years ago, she took her hobby and passion and turned it into a business. So if you would like to pop by and see Mairi at Ostara Skincare for a natural skincare consultation or even a facial to relax, this can be arranged in advance. She has recently started selling a gorgeous rose quartz facial roller which pairs beautifully with her Super Fruit Tightening Serum. I get a mini facial twice a day with my roller and serum. Because sometimes we all just need a little bit of me time.


Our stay at Tigh Scomar was gifted but as usual, all opinions are our own and fabulous.



The Chief.