Capital Glamour: Aberdeen to Edinburgh with ScotRail

Glamorous, glamorous glamorous

G. L. A. M. O. R… You get the idea. We recently had THE BEST weekend in Scotland’s capital city. So good in fact, that it has taken me weeks to come down from my Edinburgh high. This totally wasn’t a planned blog. But when one does everything right (for once), one must share. If you’re looking for the ultimate fabulous weekend in Edinburgh, this is how you’re going to want to go about it. And I think I have it nailed.

Inchcolm Island and Inchcolm Abbey 1

We ditched the car and took the train from Aberdeen to Edinburgh. This had a number of delightful results. 1, himself was the happiest he has ever been. No designated driver = happy human. 2, I actually did work on the way down (and back). This isn’t something that I suggest you do, but I’m really effin’ proud of myself for doing so. And 3, we could get boozy. Not on the train (unless that’s your cup of G & T) but definitely in Edinburgh. Wahoo.

A Woman of Principal

The Principal Hotel Edinburgh Review

Look, here’s how it is. I am Principal biased. I will hold my hands up now and say that I am a big, massive, stinking fan of The Principal Hotel. Because that is a hotel that knows exactly what it is doing. We have stayed here >5 times now and every single time, I’m like “yes.” So, start your fabulous weekend by checking into the Principal Hotel (George St). They take care of everything. And in case you want more info, I did a blog on that.

You had me at Martini

And then, you’re going to want to make dinner reservations at The Printing Press. And just before dinner, you’re going to want to order yourself a cocktail tree. Random fact: If all trees grew cocktails, I’d be a gardener. The Printing Press is the restaurant within the Principal hotel and very much like the Principal itself, The Printing Press always gets everything right. We attended a chefs table sneak peek at the new menu during our stay, and I did a blog on that.


You may find that the morning after your cocktail tree, you feel less than fresh. And it’s even worse if you have the whole forest, trust me. But there’s a solution to that. Because why spend your fabulous weekend in Edinburgh feeling hungover? That would be quite frankly, not on. Pop along to Harvey Nichols for a REVIV IV Therapy. “A what?!” you ask. And yes, this is a thing.

We popped along for an IV therapy and I felt the effects for weeks afterward. But I ain’t spilling here because I did a blog on that.

“I hate getting a massage” said no-one ever.

There is nothing more satisfying than following up an IV therapy with a massage. Like literally, no human has ever complained. And where do you go in Edinburgh for a quality massage or beauty treatment? Well, The Secret Beauty Garden of course. After being both dripped and massaged, I felt like a new woman. And what a time to be alive. Apparently, I was holding a lot of tension, which doesn’t surprise me because I have been stressed since around, birth. Oh and The Secret Beauty Garden? Yep, I did a blog on that one too.

So you’ve had your hangover cure, with a big glamorous massage on the top. Now what?

Radisson Blu-tiful

That’s when you leave The Principal Hotel, and check into the Radisson Blu. Why? Because The Principal offers central, yet quiet glamour. The Radisson Blu is on the Royal Mile, and by this time, you should be about ready to dive into the thick of it. The Radisson is modern, contemporary and I did a blog on it. Read now or forever hold your peace.

Feed me, child

All this glamour can leave you feeling peckish. So where you gon’ go for some upmarket scran and fine cocktails? Well, Cucina of course. Cucina isn’t even a 10-minute walk from the Radisson Blu, down the Royal Smile. The food is smashing, the service is great and the cocktails are, everything. Three courses down, 123 cocktails down and it’s back to your super comfy bed at The Radisson. Yep. “What’s the deal with Cucina?!” I hear you all ask. And you’ve probably guessed by now, but I did a blog on that.

Then what?

Situated perfectly beside the Radisson are The Museum of Childhood, a Harry Potter shop AND an all-year Christmas shop. Em, hello? Perfect life. This is where you can buy unnecessary Harry Potter gear whilst behaving like a complete geek. Himself walked off on me numerous times. I love Harry Potter, but who doesn’t? I felt like a total child, and it was AWESOME!

Arrivederci Edinburgh

Short and sweet, our trip to Edinburgh had come to an end. So we hopped onto the train, back up to Aberdeen, feeling absolutely FABULOUS. If you’re looking for fabulous Edinburgh suggestions, get in touch, we dinna bite, often.







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