Cinderella at His Majesty’s Theatre Review: Heifers and Fairies and Balls, Oh My

She didn’t grab her shoe or nothin’ Jesus

We’ve all been there eh? “Curfews in an hour?” “Cool, I got this…” “Curfews in half an hour!?” “I know, I know, I’m leaving in like 5 minutes duh.” *rolls eyes and keeps dancing with Paul Luebeke who was totally made for a velvet panto coat by the way girls* “Curfews in one minute!!” “And I didn’t grab my shoe or nothin Jesus, I ran for my life. And then the coach got me… Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Hey Big Spence-r

If there is one thing I aspire to be in 2020, it is as fabulous as Louie Spence in panto-land #NewYearBeLouie. All that glitters was all the gold as Spence gave us glamour and sparkle and banter for days.

Dandy as Dandini was cheeky Louie
Right-hand man for the King to be.
Whilst Laura Main was the sassy fairy,
dainty and cheery and sweet as can be!

Aren’t we all a wee bit McHardup?

His Majesty’s Theatre Pantomime 2019. Cinderella.

With all this talk of glamour and fame,
How could I forget my fave panto dame?
Curvy and wild, with outfits for days,
Alan McHugh made us crease with his comedy ways!

It’s Behind Me

His Majesty’s Theatre Pantomime 2019. Cinderella.

A great night it was, I laughed and I cried,
I had a whole heap of Turkey, with skirlie, deep-fried
For every December, I head out on the toon,
Turkey at 1906, then Panto with my loon.

Cinderella has a cracking cast, with some amazing vocals from Laura Main and Rachel Flynn, who played the charming Cinderella. Mix that with a touch of dafty comedy from Paul James-Corrigan who played Buttons, the panto joker, and you have yourself a sparkler of a night! Book your tix (and 1906), here.



The Chief.