Citi Hotel and Hostel: Aberdeen’s Newest City Centre Hotel

Citi of Stars

We usually make the taxing journey back and forth to Cruden Bay every time we have an event (FYI, not that taxing, so dramatic, it’s like 35 minutes). But this time, things were different. We had been invited along to stay at the new Citi Hotel and Hostel and for once, we had 24 hours in Faberdeen. Which brought us right back to living in the city centre. And you can take The Aye Life out of Aberdeen, but you can’t take Aberdeen out of The Aye Life. We had an absolute blast in the Granite City. If you’re brave enough to follow us on Instagram, you’ll know that I, in particular, had a really good time.

Citi Hotel

Rooms go from as little as £39 and I’ll be honest, at £39, I expected a locked tent. So when Richie, the hotel manager, met us at reception, I was sceptical. And no, that isn’t snobbery. I’ve just been places. Nothing surprises me anymore.

The Citi had a crisp, clean and modern reception decorated with splashes of friendly staff. First impressions were definitely good. But how were the lasting impressions and more importantly, would I go back?

Walking through the halls with enthusiastic Richie briefing us on the Citi’s plans, I had hope for Aberdeen’s new addition. With fresh, bouncy carpets and the faint smell of paint, The Citi was evidently new, but already a gathering place. We passed by various people in the hallways as we climbed up to the third floor. Unfortunately, the lift was broken during our stay which we put down to teething problems. Everything else seemed completely on point.

Room 309

Neutral decor, a comfy bed with quality bedding, plenty of storage, a telly, sound-proofed windows and a private bathroom with a bath-shower combi. Pristine, cosy and unbelievable value for £39. I keep going on about the price but I’m literally still shocked at how cheap this hotel is. For us, who seem to be attending more events in the city, this hotel is going to be so handy. And yet, the private rooms are only one side to the Citi.

The hotel is also a hostel and has a wealth of dormitories from as little as £16.50 per night. I spend £16.50 at McDonalds (way more often than I really should). That is literally nothing for a room in a hostel. And as far as hostels go, this one is way above standard. Because everything has just been redecorated, the rooms are fresh, crisp and pristine. Long may that continue… The hostel also has a completely new kitchen and large dining area. There are going to be lots of developments at the hotel over the coming months. We have heard talk of a new bar, and a games room. Watch this space.

Location Location

Shopping. Drinking. Dining. The Citi Hotel and Hostel is perfectly placed for the keen weekenders (of which I am not). But it is also well placed for business trips. Most people visiting the city for business only really need a bed for the night. This is exactly what The Citi Hotel is for and yet it offers so much more. Union Square Shopping Centre is only a minutes walk away and Union Street, less than a minute. There are lots of great places to eat and drink nearby. We recommend Molly’s Bistro and The Craftsman, Scottish Gin Bar of the Year for that cheeky nightcap. Or 5. I may have had 5 nightcaps at The Craftsman followed by a boozy bath in the Citi Hotel. SorryNotSorry.

We are delighted to hear that things are already going so well for the super central hotel and are very much looking forward to our next visit. In the meantime, check out the Citi Hotel and Hostel for further information and keep an eye on our Insta stories for more accidental Tuesday boozing.



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