Citylink Gold Review: Aberdeen to Glasgow Express

Oh The Posh Posh Travelling Life

This is living. This is style. This is elegance by the mile… Being used to mega-fuss on the MegaBus, I literally had no idea what to expect on the CityLink Gold. Although in saying that, the Megabus is actually not bad at all (I’m just dramatic) and if you’re looking for cheap travel from A to B, it absolutely does the job. But if you’re hoping to get a bit of work done on your travels, the CityLink Gold is just a little bit fantastic. I have never, and I repeat, never managed to get any work done on any form of transport. I get far too distracted on the train and the Megabus just wasn’t built for working. Flying? Fat chance I’m working on a plane. I’m drinking Pinot Grigio and enjoying all that valium. What? Seriously though, if you’re a seasoned traveller or your work includes a fair bit of travelling, you’re going to be a little bit damp over our CityLink Gold review.

Blank Space

“Nice to meet you, where you been? I could show you incredible things” – CityLink Gold. Because that is what you can expect on this bangin’ bus. Space for days. No cramped seating. No accidentally chewing on the hair of the passenger in front of you. None of that nonsense. The bus is mostly made up of tables, with large leather seating. My bum had extra space and that has never happened. So that says it all. Lots of legroom, lots of bag space and a table with enough room for laptops and cold sausage rolls from Greggs. Aberdeen Union Square Greggs needs to up its heat came. I have never actually had a “hot” hot sausage roll from there and himself is starting to lose faith in our Greggs trips. Something needs to be done.

Although in saying that, it doesn’t actually matter if you don’t bring your own scran on the CityLink Gold. Because refreshments are provided throughout your journey. YAAAAS food. All the food. Cake, tablet, flapjacks, coffees, irn-bru, crisps, tea, coffee. Excellent.

Plug It In Baby

Plugs for days. USB plugs, normal plugs, plugs. Which is great because although the world keeps handing us this fantastical techno-gadgetery, none of it keeps battery. Especially if you work on your phone and are constantly uploading, downloading and freeloading. What? Batteries just don’t last. But the CityLink Gold? Well, of course, they’ve thought of that. I’m pretty sure Aye 2.0 was just charging stuff for the sake of charging it so he didn’t have to use home electric. But whatever floats. There is also free wifi on board. Which means more work time! Wow. I’m such a loser.

CityLink Gold Review

The best part of travelling from Aberdeen to Glasgow with CityLink Gold, is the lack of stops. A standard coach, Megabus or train has to stop at numerous stations to pick up passengers. The CityLink Gold is an express service, with no stops, meaning the journey is much quicker and you don’t have to worry about shifting your handbag and Greggs carrier bag for an oncoming passenger. The CityLink Gold is cheaper and more comfortable than standard class on a train and rivals the train in journey time.

If travel time is kept to a minimum and can be used to get work done, why would you bother taking the car? It takes away the stress of driving and finding a parking space and with parking prices in the city centre being so expensive, it could work out cheaper overall. We are trying to figure out ways of becoming part-time CityLink Gold hosts so we can do this on any given Tuesday. Highly recommend. Potentially our new favourite way to travel?

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