Cold Town House: Something’s Brewing In Edinburgh’s Grassmarket

I’m just a Cold Town girl

I’ve been itching and scratching to get into Edinburgh’s exciting new £4m development in Edinburgh’s Grassmarket. I’m actually kind of devo as we recently stayed at The Apex in the Grassmarket and this would of been the perfect hopportunity to get hoppy before hopping back to the hotel. Timing didn’t work. But what does work and aaaaargh I’m so excited that the balls I don’t have are scrunching, is the Grassmarkets brand new, spanking, sparkling and shnaaazzy new addition, the Cold Town House.

Cold Town Girl

So basically, Scottish Hospitality Group, Signature Pubs decided to make a new hotspot in the Grassmarket which let’s face it, is one of the finest locations in the city for a bev and a bite. Cold Town is beer meets food meets rooftop terrace meets sports bar meets socialising. Which sounds fab yaaaaas? But it also has the bees teeth of views onto Edinburgh Castle. I couldn’t draw a better place to bounce between watching Scotland play pretty much anyone, in any sport, than between a brewery and a rooftop terrace, with patriotic, superstar views onto the castle? Fresh brew in hand? Take my money. 

Drinks on the roof terrace will be served from a vintage Cold Town branded Citroen van and us lucky people can enjoy them snuggled in our very own ski gondola.

Taps on

I think the most epic part of this new development is the hoption to have a pint of the good stuff right from the source. Cold Town Beer is brewed on the premises creating an immersive experience. Booth seating, rotating windows and floor to ceiling walls offer a quirky experience whilst paying homage to the Grassmarkets history of brewing which dates back to the 16th century.

You wanna pizza me?

And how’s this for the monkeys nuts? The Cold Town House restaurant won’t just be serving any old scran. We’re talking pizzas cooked in an oven which was made in Naples from dough which has fermented for 24hours in Cold Town Beer. Hold my drink, someone’s created my new hoose. 

Cold Town House is now officially open and is welcoming fine feathered friends along for scran and fresh brew (feathers not required). Enjoy!



The Chief.