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COVID-19: Know the FACTS and Stick with it Scotland!

Know Yer Facts

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Tough times. Who’d have known that in January when we were promising to kick the booze to the curb and lose those few unwelcome pounds, that we would be coorie-ing doon in March, not seeing our family and friends, and barely leaving our homes? All in the hope that we wouldn’t catch coronavirus, or lose a loved one to the virus, which sadly, many have.

I think it personally hit me when I heard my wee ol’ granny had to shield up in Inverness, where I’m originally from. She’s a social wee beastie and practically a second mum to me, I don’t go very long without seeing her if I can help it. Lockdown was the longest we hadn’t seen each other for. Many will feel the same. Although maybe not about my granny in specific, although she is a wee legend so I wouldn’t be surprised.

Scotland and COVID-19

coronavirusOur job (and life) is very much Scotland-orientated. Most of what we post on The Aye Life is connected to our awesome country. When we aren’t travelling the country wreaking havoc, we are helping the wee businesses in it to be just a little bit more.

We haven’t been front line in the fight against covid, like our brave key-workers, but we’re definitely aware of the effects the virus is having on the Scottish economy. We’ve spent months easing the minds of our clients in the hospitality and tourism industries. I tell them that we are a resilient country, and we will get through this. But the fight is far from over.

Fight COVID-19 with FACTS

The virus is highly infectious and will be with us for the long run. We need to be clever, and we need to beat this thing.

I want my wee granny to go out and about and see her family. I want our clients to enjoy welcoming visitors from other countries, and most of all, I want people in Scotland to stop getting sick and not to lose their lives due to this horrible virus. The Scottish Government has released guidance on how to protect yourself from the virus and through our partnership with them, we aim to help spread the FACTS, not the virus.

Face the FACTS

mFollowing the Scottish Government’s advice is extremely important when it comes to us beating coronavirus together. When you’re heading out, remember the following FACTS.

Face coverings – wear your mask. It’s easy and it’s effective. I wore mine having my hair done the other day (I have the equivalent to a Lions Mane, and it was nae bother!)

Avoid crowded places – too many folks kicking about? Kick about elsewhere.

Clean hands and surfaces regularly – easy peasy, cleaning, squeeze me.

Two-metre physical distancing – must be able to fit at least one Highland cow between you and other humans.

Self-isolate and book a test immediately if you have coronavirus symptoms – no brainier. You can book a test here –

Test and Protect

If you are contacted as part of Test and Protect and asked to isolate, DINNAE LEAVE YER HOOSE. Hear me? Stay in. Stay put. You must isolate for 14 days as that’s how long it can take for symptoms to develop. And y’all don’t want no virus. Neither does my granny.

Stick with it Scotland, by doing the right things we can beat coronavirus, stay safe, and save lives.



The Chief.

This article contains sponsored/gifted content.