Craft56° Scotland’s Craft Gin Discovery Club

You’re too shy shy

Hush hush, eyes on the prize. So, on a scale of 1 to “would you be interested in finding out more about Craft56°: a new Scottish Gin Club? But the only rule about gin club, is you need to talk about gin club.” Eh, does a bear? Scottish and gin are like two of my favourite things. “More gin?” Er, herlo, if you don’t know me by now, then you will never never never know me. Course it’s gin. Can you not tell by my “mean one Mr Grinch” grin? Gin to make the girls sin bab-eh. Come to mama.

What is Craft56°?

Who cares? It’s gin. Well actually, I care. We care. When a fellow Scot starts up a gin club and doesn’t tell me, I’m way too put out. Which is why that has never happened. Craft56° got in touch to say hey with news of their new subscription club and I was like “oh feed my goat, right in time for Christmas!” 

The crew at Craft56° got their idea during a trip to New York. What a frickin’ ace story. Some of my best ideas have also come during a big apple… pie. Ally (Craft Gin guy) was standing in a bar and bottle shop in New York talking to the owner about how much he fancies Scotland when he realised; “Whoa, I really like Scotland” and then “this bottle and bar beer importer guy might be onto something,” shortly followed by “What does Scotland make in great quantities that I could tie in with my Scotland-crush?” Gin, duh. It was around then that we all welcomed baby Craft56° into the wicked world.

What does a Craft56° gin club box get meh?

So basically, Craft56° send you a different bottle of Scottish Craft Gin every month, along with a Scottish tonic or mixer, handmade sweet treats, and a tasting note card with a local artist’s image of the bottle. The first box comes with a sassy balloon glass. For you to gulp by the responsible amount. Of course. But there are more strings to this boozy pony than just gin boxes. They also have; an online bottle shop, lovely gift sets, and other fine Scottish booze. Always chuffed to see a biz showing off Scotland’s finest. A rather crafty idea, don’t ya think? Go for a Craft56° jolly here.



The Chief.