As a full time blogging and media brand, we often receive complimentary products and sponsors in order to review and promote a product. We do not publish negative reviews but instead, speak directly to the collaborating brand if we have any issues with their service. We will refuse to publish content on our website if it does not meet our standards. As we are also a strong Scottish influencer, the same rules apply on our social media channels. All of the opinions expressed throughout our channels are completely our own. 


As an online media and marketing brand, we are constantly looking at ways to develop both our customer and client relationships. If we have had a particularly good experience with a product, we may become an affiliate with that brand. This means that when you are reading a review, you may find a link in that review to the product itself. If you make the decision to purchase an item through a link you have clicked, we may receive a commission. Our links are always in keeping with our brand and content.