Dog-friendly Dining at The Waterside Restaurant, Glen Mhor Hotel

I’d like to just give a little bit of a “hell yeah” to The Waterside Restaurant in Inverness. Like, I did not see that coming. This is a classic example of a restaurant that just gets things right. Like, well, you’ll see…

I grew up in Inverness (you’re probably sick to the back teeth of hearing me say that by now but like, it’s always relevant haha). And other than my cousin viewing the hotel for her wedding, I formerly had no dealings with The Waterside. Or The Glen Mhor Hotel of which The Waterside is located within. We are back living in Inverness whilst we do our van conversion, so Scott’s Aberdonian mama bear came up to visit us. And we did nout but eat.With all the pressures of the year of covid, Scottish hospitality has taken a bit of a pummeling. So why should catch-ups with friends NOT revolve completely around local food? So yes, I think it’s totally okay that we ate at 4 places within a 48 hour period. I know I’m siting this as assisting hospitality recover after the pandemic, but also I’m also kinda using this as massive opportunity to eat the darn food.

Restaurant on the River Ness

I can’t believe I grew up here and yet, at the grand old age of 28, this was my first time eating out by the River Ness. Like, I’ve been to Johnny Foxes’ beer garden plenty over the years but that doesn’t have the river views. And well on those trips, I wasn’t entirely eating. That place has a cracking cocktail menu lemme tell ya.

So, mama bear had booked into the Glen Mhor, and we were staying a couple of doors up at The Glenmoriston Hotel. Scott and I are literally living in Inverness, we didn’t need to book into a hotel, but I was speaking at the Highlands & Islands Innovation & Investment Forum. And honestly, I just needed a bonnie backdrop without piles of washing and van fridges clogging up my space. Yes, that was another excuse for a staycation. But really, who needs excuses? The sun was shining and the weather was just glorious so we made a snap decision to eat on our doorsteps. With a huge dog-friendly beer garden, beautiful river views and the sun beating down, The Waterside seemed like a good choice.

The Waterside Restaurant at The Glen Mhor

Honestly, I could have easily sat out all evening with endless plates of insanely fine bread and oil coupled with a few proseccos. If I had closed my eyes, I don’t think I wouldn’t have felt like I was in Italy. But this is Scotland, so it’s so much better.We had a lovely array of fine foods. Scott enjoyed a beast of a burger, mama bear had a Thai green chicken curry and I went for classic fish and chips. The fish was gorgeous. The food was lovely, but I think even more than that, was the atmosphere. It was just so relaxed, and dining with two dogs by your side is nae always the most relaxing of pastimes. We hooked them onto the picnic bench and they just, kind of, behaved. Which was a fine treat itself. We don’t always have our dogs with us when we are out on our travels, but just now it’s kind of necessary whilst we are living with family and doing our van life conversion. We should be good to go in a couple of weeks.Overall, I absolutely recommend The Waterside Restaurant in Inverness. The location is perfect, the beer garden is huge, the food is hearty and the atmosphere is just so relaxed. The garden is dog-friendly too so you can bring your furry pals.



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