Why I Fell for the Edinburgh Marriott Hotel, Literally

Why I Fell for the Edinburgh Marriott Hotel, Literally


Yes, clumsy Victoria strikes again however I am saving that event for later on in this story.

If you follow our work, you will know that we did way too much, far too often in Edinburgh. Yes, I decided it was possible to take on all of Edinburgh in 5 days. This involved a shed load of apprentice style pitching and these boots were not made for walking. Unfortunately, both the lack of sleep and the sheer volume of workload taken on during our stay left us both feeling, how do you say it? Absolutely b*ggered.

Will you Marriott me?

For those of you who don’t know about the Marriott brand, you have until now, been missing out. We go way back. There used to be a Marriott Hotel in the Kingsmills area of Inverness and the young Highland dancer in me made good use of the pool and sauna. It was my R&R when my muscles were broken from numerous Highland Games and dance competitions. Or my pride shattered from the many Robert Burns displays I was roped into by various teachers during my school years. Unfortunately, I always seem to be visiting a Marriott when I am either sore or mentally shattered and you thought us bloggers had it easy. Ya-wrong!

The Edinburgh Marriott hotel is the epitome of luxury and relaxation. From the moment we arrived until the moment I fell over nothing in the car park, we were spoiled. We have some serious appreciation for the staff who made life easy from the word go. After 4 days of travelling and at least 63 phone calls, I was grateful for non complicated communication.

Thank you, thank you very much

edinburgh marriott beer

We received a scorching welcome from the Cheshire cat receptionist. We were also left out a little welcome gift. I felt a little bit like Santa but instead of Carrots and Whisky, we got Scottish crisps and beer. Anyone who provides me with food is already in my good books and Scott will never have a problem with free beer.

Working 9 to 5 through till 12

edinburgh marriott bed

In all honesty, we would of been grateful for the most basic of rooms but where is the fun in that? We stayed in a ridiculously fabulous suite comprising of a sitting area. In that sitting area there was a desk. At that desk I did no work but I did make very good use of the espresso machine. I cannot tell you how great it was to take a few hours off from everything. The room was immaculate.

edinburgh marriott desk

Upon arrival, I had around 5 different bags full of various items to sort out. The first thing I did was sit down, kick of my boots and then in standard Victoria fashion, stressed about how much I had to do. Not Scott though. Scott went for a shower and came through in little more than what god graced him with upon his birth. He threw on one of the fluffy Marriott robes and kicked back on the bed, leaving me with a pile of stuff to do.

Fortunately for us both, I am the captain of this ship therefore he was soon told to bow and scrub the deck. While we sorted out everything, we drank gin. We also eat tablet and shortbread. When in Rome…

marriott edinburgh gin

Bubbles and bubbles and some more bubbles

The suite had a pristine bathroom with a very inviting bath tub. There were many good hours lost in that bath tub and I came out resembling a wrinkly frog. This was exactly what the doctor ordered after strutting up and down Edinburgh streets for days. One thing that I love in life more than life itself is a decent, bubbly bath.

Scott took my phone off me and made a point of telling me to relax and enjoy myself. However within 5 minutes, he had come through to the bathroom with said phone asking me if I could tweet for him. Scott is scared of tweeting, he is scared he will make a spelling mistake and in turn, single handedly ruin all of our work so far. So yes, I ended up tweeting while in the bath. That is how dedicated I am to all of you folk reading.

Shall we push the beds together..?

The combination of what became a very busy weekend and the absolute ruin known as my battered body made the bed an impossible place to leave. There are only 2 beds I have ever slept in that I can’t and won’t shut up about. One of these was the bed on the Norwegian Pearl Cruise ship, that bed was hand crafted by some really caring angels. The other was the bed in the Marriott Hotel. It was huge, I didn’t see Scott all night and after 5 days of travelling together, this was a hidden blessing. We both took on starfish persona’s and got the best nights sleep ever. I didn’t want to leave, in fact I haven’t left. I have been there ever since…


Food is the way to my heart

As we woke up on a bank holiday Monday, breakfast was served till 11am. This was welcome information as we were both exhausted and managed to get a little lie in. The only thing better than a great nights sleep is unlimited, brilliant food. For the first time in a while, we managed to sit and have breakfast together. Let me tell you, the breakfast at the Marriott is amazing. They have a choice of everything from tasty fry up food to fruits, pastries and meats. Being really health conscious and having lots of motivation, we had a big, satisfying fry up. I didn’t regret it then and I don’t regret it now.

Hey baby, I think I wanna Marriott you…
edinburgh marriott sofa

During our stay, we felt like we were a million miles away from everything. Although we were in a hotel room, it genuinely felt like its own little self contained home and we never once felt like we were staying in a huge hotel. The room was spacious yet cosy and modern yet homely. I couldn’t recommend it enough. The hotel is located in a brilliant location for Edinburgh airport. Unfortunately on this occasion, we were not taking off to the Bahamas. Maybe next time…

The part where I fell…

edinburgh marriott hall

On leaving the Marriott and heading back to the car, I did my usual clumsy act and fell over my own feet for no apparent reason. I now have a whopping great bruise on my leg and a dent in my dignity. Although I guess you could say that I really did fall for the Marriott.

We want to extend a big thank you to the Edinburgh Marriott for inviting us along to stay with them for what really was a lovely, relaxing experience. We did not pay for our stay however as you have probably gathered so far from us, we say it like it is and it was great. You can book the hotel here



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