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On the road again

It’s a new year, which means you need a new plan for a vacation. The days get closer to your departure time, whether you are flying or or not, and the biggest question that you can have in your mind is whether this road trip idea of yours is going to be a successful one. A road trip is already a big vacation, but unless you plan it to perfection, you’re going to find that you road trip does not get off to a good start.

No matter how may travel books you read, preparing for a road trip is not the same as getting ready to board a long haul flight to some beautiful far-flung destination. You will likely check out a used Ford Fiesta for sale or a hire car or two before you embark on your trip. Mainly because you’re going to want to leave your everyday car behind to avoid the wear and tear that comes with a road trip. You also need to get the car you bring detailed and the tires checked before you even start on the road. It’s so important that your car is in the best possible shape before you get on the road, and the next thing you need to do is ensure that you have a plan. 

A road trip doesn’t require a plan, but it’s always good to have your routes mapped out and ready to go. Making lists of places of interest is vital for the success of your trip, and that doesn’t mean that you can’t go off the beaten track if you want to along the way. Take on as many travel books and maps as you want to know where all the best places are and spend hours researching each of the destinations so that you know the best food, the best places to visit and the best things to enjoy along the way. With all of this in mind, let’s look at eight fantastic ways that you can make your next road trip the best you’ve ever had.

Choose the Route – Loosely

You know where your A is, so you need to know where your B is, too. This will help you to know where you want to end up. Knowing where you will drive to will help you to work out the best places to research along the way. When you do that, you can see how long your A to B will take you, and this then allows you to effectively plan out the places you want to veer off to along the way. Always add around three extra days to your trip, too, as this will give you the time you need to explore.

Find Your Spots

Research is your best friend when you want to make your road trip a successful one. You want to know where the best locations are, which attractions are a “must-see” and how many people you’re taking with you when you go. The number of people you bring is important to you when you go on a road trip as it can make the difference between the weight in your car and your fuel. You should also consider using social media as much as possible. Look through the hashtags that pertain to your location, and many awesome places will pop up that you never even thought of. To reduce the risk of choosing fifty thousand places to visit, focus on five things to see in each location. This way, you can ensure that you aren’t wearing your car out!

Map, Map, Map Some More!

From books of maps to GPS and Sat Nav, it’s important that you know where all the hidden spots are. You can find lakes and parks, rivers and creeks on the maps that you hadn’t heard of before. If you cross-reference all of the versions of maps that you have, you’re going to be able to find more that will interest you.

Hit The Forums

There are tons of forums online for those looking to seek adventure. The more you research, the more you’ll find out! Check out the opinions and reviews of others on previous road trips to you, and ask all the questions that you want to ask. You won’t regret real-life opinions from others and it will make a significant difference to your trip. Make sure that you have a friend with you who can drive; this way, you’re not stuck with all the driving and you can make a plan to actually enjoy your trip!

Choose Your Timings

You need to map how long it takes you to get from location to location, and when you do you’ll know how much time you have between drives. Your timing is everything on your trip and once you know all of this, you can make your trip the best one you’ve ever had. Implementing these tips into your planning is going to help you to have the smoothest trip ever. Don’t forget to write all of this down – it’s going to make a big difference to how you enjoy your trip.

Pack Everything And Nothing

Snacks and tires, clothes and first aid kits. You need a little of everything and nothing all at once. You need to pack light – to conserve fuel – but pack everything so that you’re not stranded on the road with no help or anything to eat. Take your time on your trip and make sure that you know where the bathrooms are on the way! You need your trip to give you memories, excitement and peace. And you need to find that in your planning! 

Planning a trip is not easy at all, but when you research and you plan effectively, your road trip could go exactly as you imagined it would. Make sure you’re riding a safe car that offers you protection as you drive and won’t fall apart on the road, and make sure you bring friends. A successful road trip is one you enjoy and love by the end of it!


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