Brunch Bunch: Fairmont Brunch at St Andrews

Brunch Bunch: Fairmont Brunch, International Style

I remember the boring old days when brunch was just a lazy, grease-laden, over-cooked breakfast, often used to aid a fuzzy cocktail head. Brunch was bacon in bed, which although not to be snuffed at, didn’t exactly scream glamour or variety. Brunch is totally up and coming in Scotland. How it’s taken this long for it to reach us considering how much we love our booze and munch, I don’t know. I am all for this new trend though, Sunday’s are way more fun when you’re slightly tipsy and eating beef pie alongside oysters and gelato. I can comfortably say, that I have never received such a fine offering as I did at the International Fairmont Brunch.

Take me to Brunch

I have to be honest, there are definitely worse ways to start a Sunday than a mosy on down to St Andrews for brunch and mimosas. 

So here we were, cruising down to St Andrews in our new Focus McWagon. I was riding shotgun, underneath the hot sun. We had decided once we missed the turn-off for McDonalds in Dundee that we were on hunger strike until brunch. There is something immensely satisfying about being absolutely ravenous and knowing that you’re about to touchdown in a feast of epic proportions.

Once we arrived at the Fairmont Hotel, we were shown to our seats (and I was chauffeured, in my wheelchair due to ongoing ankle drama). For the record, I’m totally okay with enjoying AM prosecco from the comfort of a wheelchair. Walking, when it arrives again, is going to be incredibly tiresome. It’s funny how much my attitude to this busted ankle has changed as I’ve gotten used to Scott flexing his muscles whilst pushing me from A to B.

Back to Brunch

Scott instantly had his eyes on the ‘From the Sea’ station whilst mine were fixated on the ‘numerous bottles of champagne’ station (not its real name). In situations like these, our priorities very much differ. This probably says a lot about us as people.

Then I went window shopping, Sunday Brunch style. Scott wheeled me around the various stations whilst I ooo’ed, aaah’d and ogled, ensuring Scott was taking mental notes of what I wanted. There were so many tasty options on offer! Scott ended up back and fore to the brunch station like a ping pong ball.

Each station had its own theme. The salad bar was first on the lush line-up. We filled our plates with Tuscan and Vietnamese salads, topping them elegantly with flowers from the Fairmont garden. Scott enjoyed his salad alongside some finely carved meats. My salad arrived to me on a plate alongside a pain au chocolate because plating-up is not Scott’s strong point. My pain au chocolate had a slight lemon dressing but I wasn’t really complaining.

Easy Like Sunday Morning

We are literally the most predictable foodies ever. Wherever Scott goes, he eats fish like it is going out of fashion. I sit across from him with my sugar fountain. I wish I could tell y’all that I tried everything on the menu but I just couldn’t stop staring at the Sweet Endings station. My sweet-tooth really needs removed!

Before getting stuck into desserts, I sampled some roast salmon and crab risotto which was beautifully creamy. Shin of beef pie followed this, alongside a perfectly seasoned potato gratin.  Scott continued to eat the Scottish seas out of fish whilst I piled my plate high with creme brûlée, lemon meringue pie, macaroons, gateaux and strawberries smothered in gooey chocolate from the chocolate fountain.

There is a very well-known gelateria in St Andrews named Janettas. What would a Fairmont Brunch in St Andrews be if they didn’t have THEIR OWN Janettas gelato station?!

We finished up our brunch with a pistachio ice-cream from Janettas, which considering the heat beating down on St Andrews, was an absolute treat!

Are you brunching yet?!

The Brunch is £32.50 per adult and £16.00 per child and although it was originally set to run until August, it has been super popular and has been extended until December. You can grab your tasty brunch on the 7th October, 4th November and 2nd December. Considering the vast selection of locally sourced high-quality fare on offer, this is an absolute must. We will definitely be returning to St Andrews very soon and when we do, we cannot wait to go back for another helping of Fairmont Brunch!

If you would like more information about the Fairmont International Brunch, or the Fairmont Hotel, please click here.



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