My Fairmont St Andrews, A Royal Review

My Fairmont Lady

‘Lots of chocolate for me to eat?’
‘Lots of sun making lots of heat?’
‘Warm face, warm hands, warm feet?’
Oh wouldn’t in be loverly?

An invite to the Royal Wedding? Really? How on earth did I get an invite to Harry and Meg.. Oh, at St. Andrews? No no, of course I knew what you meant. But I was promised cake, so I was instantly in.

When one invites one to spend a decadent evening in the shiny heart of St Andrews, one packs her bags sharpish. Unfortunately there was not a Labrador sitter in sight as apparently all of our friends and family had become temporary royalists and heavy drinkers.

I was hoping through all of this glitz and glamour that my dopey, odd-looking dog would keep me down to earth but a weekend in St Andrews can change a dog. Pedigree has become less to her tastes and her barking has become almost operatic. Snob.

My overall consensus is that the Fairmont St. Andrews is an even better place to enjoy a Royal Wedding than an actual Royal Wedding. I’m not saying I had a better day than the Queen but my champagne was regular and my cake portions were hefty… A solid gold afternoon tea spent laughing and welling up amongst complete strangers with nout but fizz and Markle Sparkle in common.

My Fairmont Dwellings

Traditional, exquisite, classically beautiful and exceeds expectations. Only a few of the words my dear other half used to describe me on our journey to the Fairmont. The room? All of that and so much more. I wouldn’t expect anything less from a world famous 5-star hotel entwined in the beauty of St Andrews but yet, I still managed to have my tiny little mind blown, over and over again. As previously mentioned, we had a Labrador in tow. This is (thankfully) not habitual but purely circumstantial and we were a little concerned about how she might take to the Aye Life. It turns out that the little madame and I have more in common than I could of known.

Suited décor, ample lighting, plush furnishings and a bathroom not unlike heaven were all at our disposal. Said Labrador rolled over 7 times and stuck her tongue out and I followed suit, much to my partners concern. 25 and still a little girl in awe of the fabulous situations I seem to find myself in. Oh my Fairmont.

My Fairmont Italian


Well, almost. Tempura King Prawns served with a raspberry dressing, a salmon roulade topped with a vegetable terrine and a citrus mayo, wonderfully creamy carbonara putting my home attempts to shame. Italy certainly knows how to fill a rumblin’ tummy, leaving me defeated before any hope of a Tiramisu. Only a smidgen of what you might expect to be greeted with in La Cucina.

We left our little fur freak for minutes at a time and although we left her snoring on the window seat, she soon made her way to the bed where her bottom displaced pillows and her eyes took serious interest in Secret Life of the Zoo. We watched from the window, giggling like amused toddlers. How aware dogs actually are, I’m not sure but we hope she has now realised that mum and dad are being well looked after when we leave her with granny, a jumbo bone and a stuffed meerkat (all true). We are both very grateful to the Fairmont for their dog-friendly policy. The hotel is not one where doggies run riot but the rooms and the fabulous course are very welcoming.

My Fairmont Wedding

Well, maybe not our wedding. I am kidding myself if I think I will ever have time to plan one of those. We didn’t just stop by St Andrews to gorge on Italian and holiday our dog in 5-star luxury. We were invited to the Royal Wedding Afternoon Tea, held in the rather breath-taking atrium. It reminded me a little of the ballroom in Disneys Anastacia where she dances with all of the Russian ghosts except, less ghostly, more vibrant and possibly more grand.

My better half spent the morning tirelessly ironing the same shirt until it could walk to the event on its own whilst I stayed in bed as long as possible, painting my face and pleasantly sighing with each movement. Those sheets were crafted by soft and gentle angels.

I never thought I would cry in amongst complete strangers over another couple of total strangers getting married, but I did, like an Estee Lauder-plastered water feature. I’ve found over the years that It’s always much easier to cry into pink champagne and crème brûlée. Enjoying the Royal Wedding against a spectacular blue and green coastal backdrop simply added to the moment. If things weren’t already at peak perfection, we left with enough cake to start a North East Patisserie.

My Fairmont Return

I am SO excited to go back to The Fairmont St Andrews for a slightly longer stay. Although I wined, dined and caked, I never got much of a chance to test out the spa, the pool or the surrounding area in general. Keep yon’ eyes peeled for another post with lots of Fife chitter-chatter, local eateries and plenty of things to do.

My first taste of Fife was mighty sweet and I can’t wait to go back to back for seconds.



The Chief.