Finding Fame at HMT Aberdeen

You ain’t seen the best of me yet

I stood there in the glitzy spotlight, dressed in an early-noughties ra-ra, a pair of Claire’s Accessories best neon legwarmers and a Littlewoods t-shirt sporting ‘Puppy love’ in pink sequins. But I felt cool. And that’s all that really mattered. Inverness’ Eden Court was my backdrop. Fame was my ambience. And amongst 24 other hopeful teens, I was ready to fly. High.

Whilst it puts the fear of god into me now, standing on a stage ready to tackle the meticulously choreographed dance from Fame, was one of my endless dreams. I was 13 and dance was quite literally, my escape. There I was, stage right, uttering ‘hard work’ every so often with about as much confidence as a rotund turkey in December. But this was my time to shine…

I feel it comin’ together

Reviewing Fame The Musical in Aberdeen’s HMT brought me back to stage right, in all my glorified glitter. That’s the beauty of Fame, it brings so many people ‘back.’ 80’s fashion, upbeat tunes, an uncompromising story-line and the struggles of adolescence.

This was one star-studded line-up. Jorgie Porter, best known for her part as Theresa McQueen in Channel 4’s Hollyoaks, took to the part of Iris. I have grown up watching Jorgie and have only ever known ‘Theresa.’ Little did I know about her poetic lines and graceful motion. Jamal Crawford played Tyrone, an illiterate, young talent with insane choreography skills and a flair for dance in it’s many forms. Stephanie Rojas played the part of Carmen Diaz, a sultry, flawless talent with a rather grim story. Mica Paris, soul queen with a voice that could melt potatoes, played the part of Miss Sherman. Watching her character’s development, drizzled in raspy vocals, was a personal highlight.

I’m gonna learn how to fly

If there’s one thing that Fame The Musical promises, it is a belly full of inspiration. We visited the theatre, slightly flat from a mega-workload. We left with motivation and good vibes. Scott in particular, enjoyed this more than anyone had foreseen. Could of been the lycra, might of been the bass. Either way, this show is the ultimate crowd-pleaser. It took me right back to my 13-year-old self, stage right, with a dream and the opportunity to shine.

Fame The Musical is gracing Aberdeen’s HMT halls until Saturday 15th of September, meaning there is still plenty of time to book yourself in for a night of upbeat pzazz.

‘Why walk when you can dance’ – Ellen Van Dam

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