Flying with TUI from Glasgow to Lanzarote: Flight Review4 min read

TUI, To You

Look, I’m just going to be deathly honest. I was a little bit nervous at how this flight was going to go. Scott is more of an aye-flyer than I. I’m just learning to live The Aye Life. So whenever I have flight enq’s, I go to Scott, on the premise that he will give me honest and correct information, even if it feeds into my internal ball of anxiety. I’ve only ever flown with British Airways and American Airlines. Not because I’ve been picky, but because most of my holidays to date have been to America (except kiddy holidays that I can’t remember). But because this holiday was cheaper than moderately priced chips, I kinda envisaged this flight being not completely dissimilar to a flying wagon with two wings if I was lucky. Again, thanks to my internal ball of anxiety death. Scott “re-assured” me. If you could call it that. “It won’t be bad, it’ll just be more crammed and a bit like a cattle run because that’s how cost-effective airlines work.” I am by no means snobby, but I am concerned about taking off in a tin can. I can land all day long, but taking off is just nae my bag. I’d rather stand in a cold shower ripping up £20 notes than take off. But needs must, huh? 

So we arrived at our gate – gate 29 (I think), right beside a Tennents bar because only in Glasgow Airport. We were a wee bitty late to board the plane as there was a delay. However, every single flight I have ever been on has been marginally delayed, and the world has not ended. So I’m used to this. 

Cuppa TUI?

I’m such a curious traveller. There is so much that I’ve not yet been exposed to. I had previously never walked outside to a plane. I didn’t even know that was legal, unless you’re like Donald Trump or Madonna. Not going to lie, I found this frickin’ awesome. I was definitely one Valium down by this point/why’d you have to go and put stars in my eyes? Valium for “fear of flying” by the way. But what it should have said was “chill her the fork oot while she takes off.” 

The plane was far bigger than what Scott had incorrectly prepared me for. I eyed up the legroom as we made our way to our seats and it seemed roomy compared to my preconceived expectations. We ended up sat by the emergency exits which gave us both a heap of legroom and potential responsibility. This was off to a good start.


The flight from Glasgow to Lanzarote was roughly four hours long. I had taken a couple of “I’m going to be bored as death, let’s raid WHS Smith pre-flight” books with me. Stephen Kings ‘The Outsider’ and Sarah Knights ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k.’ And I soon ordered a Prosecco to accompany. 

There is a lot of choice when it comes to scran and bevvy and the prices are reasonable. In fact, the prices are way better than what I thought they’d be. It was £8 for 2 strawberry Rekorderlig ciders. I stuck to my Prosecco which was a wee bitty pricier at £7 for a small bottle. But I envisaged Purple Brick-ing our home post-flight to justify the costs so I was pretty much delighted with the price point.

During the flight, the cabin crew sell various duty free items such as cigarettes, spirits, perfumes and makeup. There’s brochures for all food and duty free goods which are left by your seat. I really enjoyed seeing what they were going to come out with next. It was window shopping with Prosecco a billion miles of the ground. What’s not to love?

The cabin crew were really friendly and attentive and although this was more of a “budget” airline, it was one of the best flights I’d ever had. It certainly helped that it was only 4 hours compared to our 11 hour slogs to date. 

Flying with TUI

Overall, I totally recommend TUI. I loved flying with them and found the flight went by much quicker than I thought. There was nearly always something going on and to be kept distracted on a plane when you’re a wee bitty on edge – is not to be snuffed at. Thanks TUI for kicking off our holiday just right!



The Chief.
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