Foyers Lodge: Victorian Charm by Loch Ness

Fetch Us A Cuppa Tea

This is living, this is style. This is elegance by the mile… I grew up in Inverness and have been to Loch Ness more than I’ve been for a shower. Up that way, it’s criminal not to hit the shores of Dores Beach by Loch Ness with a fruity cider during a Highland heatwave. But even though I’d seen the loch a bazillion times, I’d never actually seen the loch until a few years ago. It took me moving to Faberdeen to realise that there was “way loads” of Scotland that I hadn’t really seen, or I had but I was 5 and not interested. There are a heap of folk who haven’t been to Scotland but would donate their roof to Walmart to visit. And because I’m a helpful soul, I took it upon myself, alongside my hot piece of sass Scott, to travel. And share our travels. This particular adventure took us to the outstanding Foyers Lodge, on the affa bonnie banks of Loch Ness.

Foyers Lodge

Foyers Lodge is a completely breath-taking Victorian building with a massively sexy view over Loch Ness. It’s harmonious, glorious and now that I’ve been there, it’s Victori-ous. History? There has been an inn of some form on this site since the 1600s. Back then it was mostly used for folks who moved cows from North to South and vice versa. Then in 1863, some bloke extended the inn into a big-inn (big un’ eh eh?!) And now it is so much more.

Owners Anna and Phil took on this epic renovation 3 years ago and since then they have become; style gurus, fabulous hosts and part of the adopted Aye family – but they don’t know that part yet.

The lodge has 8 beautifully and individually-styled bedrooms. The decor throughout the lodge plays up to its Victorian heritage, with welcoming splashes of Scottish tradition and on-point contemporary modernisms. Plush and glamorous and paired with a Loch Ness view, this is the most heavenly Scottish retreat. We stayed for one night but wished we’d had longer to wind down and enjoy the Foyers Vibes. #FoyersVibes


We were in room 2, tucked under a gable which plays home to the resident house martins. And no I didn’t know a house martin was a bird. And yes I looked at Anna with complete confidence that I knew exactly what they were. Even though I was more confused than “.com.” But once I started watching them dart in and out of what looked like our room, I just loved them. I wanted to be a house martin. Fly my pretties, fly! I felt like Mary Poppins in the scene where that fake bird is glued to her finger and she is singing about wanting everything to be tidy. Except the Foyers Lodge was already immaculate so I had -4/10 things to do. And that my friends, was bliss.

Our room had a huge and super-comfy bed with a large chesterfield mustard headboard, a rolltop freestanding bath and a seperate, shiny bathroom. What I loved most were the dots of elegance around the room. When do hotels ever have diffusers? Foyers Lodge smelt like pomegranate and I am okay with that.

Lodge Loving

Alongside super-hip decor, a beautiful bedroom and fabulous hosts, the lodge had some really lovely places to sit and just be.The sitting room enjoys historical artwork and plush Chesterfield seating, alongside a wee honesty bar and a wealth of books packed with words about the area, Scotland and Loch Ness.There is a grand dining room where guests can enjoy breakfast. We both had a warm pain au chocolat (because when in… Scotland?), toast and fresh fruit. Jazz was the backdrop and the atmosphere was light, friendly and warm as we mingled with our French and Spanish counterparts over breakfast.

Foyers is a 20-minute drive from Inverness and is surrounded by spectacular scenery, with heaps to do in the area. We put together a post all about things to do in Foyers so go and check it out!

We had a marvellous visit to Foyers Lodge, but now it’s time for you to create your own #FoyersVibes. Book your boutique Loch Ness accommodation today.


This visit to Foyers Lodge was sponsored but as always, all opinions are our own and superb.




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