5 Fun Places For A Drink In Edinburgh3 min read

5 Fun Places For A Drink In Edinburgh

It won’t surprise any visitors to learn that Edinburgh has its share of wonderful bars. For that matter, it’s more or less a given that any big, or even medium-sized European city can make the same claim. If the idea of a great bar selection isn’t unique to Edinburgh though, the bars themselves are, which is why it pays to learn in advance about some of the best places to go.

The following is not a comprehensive list, but these are still five places you ought to consider checking out if you visit Edinburgh, and between them they showcase the variety on hand throughout the city.

The Devil’s Advocate

Located right in Edinburgh’s Old Town, The Devil’s Advocate is a fittingly cozy place that is actually, more accurately, a bar and grill. There’s a menu full of comfort food for you to enjoy while you sit down for a pint or two, and the surroundings, while humble, are the sort you almost can’t help but relax in. Craft beers and whiskies dominate the drink menu, and give you plenty of local options to try out while you’re in town. There’s really nothing particularly fancy about the place, but it’s about as authentic as it gets.

The Dome

This is a bar and restaurant that’s been cited as one of the most beautiful places to eat in Edinburgh – with a particular reputation for being gorgeous around the winter holidays. With its pretty chandeliers, glass dome, and generally opulent surroundings however, not to mention its awesome circular bar, it’s quite the spectacle during the rest of the year as well. From craft beer to champagne, whisky to mixed drinks, the bar is packed with excellent options for whatever your personal taste may be. It’s an excellent option for a fancier night out.

The Hanging Bat

The Hanging Bat is a more casual option, and labels itself as a “beer café” rather than a bar or restaurant. It’s essentially your go-to beer house in the city, proudly boasting of a selection of craft brews not just from around Scotland, but from the whole world. It’s a decidedly casual place, but one with a unique atmosphere as well. The wooden bar counters, stone walls, and exposed lighting create a sort of rustic setting that’s just perfect to try a few well-regarded brews in.

Grosvenor Casino Maybury

The casino is no longer a particularly natural stop on a tour of a modern city, particularly in the UK. UK-based websites teeming with games in the slot and table gaming categories have made casinos obsolete purely as gaming centers. The bigger ones with bars and restaurants still make for fun attractions though, and this is the right category for Grosvenor Casino Maybury in Edinburgh. You can expect a fun, festive bar, and let’s be honest – it’s fun to have the option if you do decide to play a few games

Festival Theatre

Here again we have a venue that isn’t exclusively a bar, but rather a larger entertainment attraction. The Festival Theatre is a functioning theatre venue in town, and one of the better places to see a live performance. To cater to its visitors though, it also now has a whole section for food and drink, which includes multiple excellent bars. The Edinburgh Gin Bar is full of local gin and mixes an excellent Gin Fizz, and The Wine Bar is, well, just what it sounds like!

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