Glasgow Marriott Hotel Review 

Marriott Hotel Glasgow Review

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Location, Location, Location. 

The Glasgow Marriott is conveniently placed near Grand Central Station and the M8 motorway, making it a perfect location for arriving in the Glas that is Gow. Its only a 4 minute walk from the train station and only 5 minutes by car to the SSE Hydro. There is a large car park surrounding the hotel, making it a prime choice for a weekend of central Glasgow shopping.

In standard Marriott fashion, the hotel has elegant décor and modern facilities. There is a large lounging area named the Brew Bar Lounge between the restaurant and reception desks. Perfect for chilling out with a pint or a cocktail.

Facilitate and Accommodate

On the ground floor there is also a fantastic events hall, known as the Clyde suite that hosted the Scottish Outdoor and Leisure Awards which we also attended during our stay.

Other facilities in the hotel include a Health Centre with indoor swimming pool, a state-of-the-art gym and a spa.

Next to the reception, the gold lifts granted us access to twelve floors of luxury. Luckily we’re not greedy and only ascended to the tenth floor (it helped that our room was also located there).

After watching some TV in the elevator (why miss the start of Strictly whilst walking from the bar to your room), we made our way to our boudoir. Before we had a chance to appreciate where we were spending the night, our blogger instincts kicked in – “don’t touch anything till I take photos!” You lot thought we had it easy. Pfft.

Welcome presents

Victoria and I are completely fine with presents and nothing exhibits a warm welcome more than a mini hamper. The Marriott are always right on the mark with their friendly greetings. In this case, we got stuck into Lily O’Briens chocolates, Oloves Olives and some refreshing pear and raspberry Spritz.

This certainly helped keep the supper cravings at bay while we readied ourselves for the Scottish Outdoor and Leisure Awards. It’s like they knew we were coming…

The Room

It’s always welcome when a hotel room has a desk, whether its for your laptop or for storing things you took with you for no reason. Cue Victoria who often packs 63 outfits for one weekend ‘in case of emergencies.’ No emergency requires 63 outfits.

The TV in the room is pre-programmed to display your name and along with a variety of channels, it also allows you to connect to an array of apps and streaming services. Spotify in particular was handy for putting on some ridiculously bad tunes whilst we got ourselves dressed to the nines.

The wardrobe in the room was spacious and contained some very cosy looking Marriott robes and slippers. Unfortunately we never got much of a chance to pamper seeing as we had to be dolled up for the awards. There is also a safe, an iron and an ironing board along with a press. This came in very handy as the shirt I had packed for the evening resembled a mashed potato.

As we were located on the 10th floor and seeing as we had such great big windows in our room, we were able to enjoy a gorgeous sunset over Glasgow.

The Bed

We love a Marriott bed, so much so that Victoria actually Googled whether it was possible to buy the mattress when we stayed in the Marriott hotel in Edinburgh earlier in the year. Now we keep looking at the Marriott online shop and our bank balance, waiting patiently.

The bed in this room was no different and we still want one – donations accepted.

The Bathroom

The en-suite bathroom in our room was spacious and modern with a super sized worktop for Victorias face. It wasn’t long before 87 different toiletries made their way onto the sink space. Another reason why I don’t let her unpack until after I have taken photos.

The mirrors wrapped round the corner of the room which allowed me to see the back of my head for the first time in years. This gave me a thought; I need to sack my barber.

The Scottish awards event that evening meant we had to completely neglect the very inviting bath whilst we wined and dined. You can’t have it all.

The Clyde Suite

As we were attending the Awards during our stay, we also got a really good look at the Clyde Suite and the Marriotts event organisation. This is something we would not normally get to see during a hotel review.

The room was tastefully decorated in black with purple twinkly lights. The awards were presented on a stage beside a fair-sized dance floor. The round tables surrounding the stage were also dressed in black with candles in the centre. Along with lovely surroundings, the set menu provided during the event was tasty and wholesome with friendly customer service to match.

Cast Iron Grill

Downstairs in the Cast Iron Grill restaurant is the best wake up call you could possibly need (with or without a hangover). The whole breakfast is buffet style, meaning you can help yourself to anything from cooked goodies, to meats to cereals. There were also a good few pastry options which looked beyond tempting.

I personally bypassed the large array of healthy food available and headed straight for the fry-up. Needs must. The restaurant uses lots of regionally sourced items on their menu which is a nice touch.

Marriott Me

The Marriott hits the nail on the head once again with its classy comforts, favourable foods and overall attention to detail. We would like to thank the management at the hotel who not only provided us with lovely accommodation but were also kind enough to invite us to join their table during the awards. We will be back very soon for our next event and look forward to our next stay.