Glen Dye Saw Mill: Home of the Brave

My Oh My, Glorious Glen Dye

As I sit here with my feet up on the velvety sofa, the fire pounding out a welcome heat following a brisk wild swim in the picturesque river, I am overcome with appreciation. Above my laptop, in the afternoon’s shade, is a window framing a view of the mighty years-old trees which have seen more at Glen Dye than I ever will. And yet again, I am overcome. When we were invited along to experience everything that The Saw Mill at Glen Dye had to offer, I expected a perky yet pretty cabin in the woods. Which, to me, is perfection in every sense. Nature, peace, tranquillity, wild ways, everything that makes life free. All wrapped up in what is less than a 20-minute drive from the bustle and fustle of Aberdeen’s long-awaited bypass.

Glen Dye Cabins and Cottages are located on Glen Dye Estate, near Banchory, in the Deeside area of Aberdeenshire. Deeside is an extraordinary piece of Scotland as it offers everything from glorious landscapes, hills and glens, riveting rivers and Scottish postcard-like harmony to royalty, history, activity and wildlife. And yet it is still a fairly hidden gem. For example, we are based less than an hour away on the North East Coast and there is still an awful lot of the area that we are yet to explore. But I’m working on it…

5 Things I Learned at the Saw Mill

Life isn’t all about steaming baths, smokey burgers, swimming costume chub struggles and vino temptation but if it was then this place would win all the gin. Here are 5 utterly nuts things I learned at the Glen Dye Saw Mill.

Why are outdoor baths not a thing?

This is a Swedish wood-fired hot-tub but it’s bath shaped so I’m calling it a bath. Bathy McBathface. Baths are like a bazillion times better when the view is a heap of Scots Pine Trees and an old renovated sawmill that you’re getting to call HOME for a few nights.

Stags In The Night

If you live in an area that isn’t prone to stags appearing at the window in the dead of night whilst making ghost of the death noises then yes it is okay to shit seven shits out of terror but act totally cool as to not freak out the dog (who is a major pussy).

Diet? Paha, who’s he?

I should be locked up for being such a marshmallow pervert… Are American style marshmallows included in my 30-day detox? The perversion only lasted 3 hours (only…) and I have now returned to normality. After downing all the evidence. What a sicko.

Saw Mill, He’s Doing Well For Himself

Glen Dye has a heap of cabins and lodges and stuff we’re yet to get our paws on, but during this trip, we stayed at the renovated sawmill. The sawmill is a private wee piece of land with an old seed store which has been done up with an open plan kitchen, sitting area, wood-burning stove and funky “wild and free” decor. There is a welcome hamper which contains freshly-baked bread, shortbread, local blackcurrant jam, American-style marshmallows and a bottle of something fine (ours was red wine). I sustained on the wine because during that trip I was more motivated than most.

The sawmill has a 1950’s airstream caravan which contains the bedroom (with a massive bed, the size of a tennis court) with an electric blanket, fluffy throws and the comfiest EVER bedding. There is a plush bathroom in its own wee shed across from the airstream and a motherforker of a sheltered BBQ area with a big green egg barbecue and pizza oven. Beside the BBQ area, there is a fire pit and a wee table for chilling, munching and ginning. Then there’s the decking which is home to a Swedish wood-fired hot tub and oh my days. If you haven’t yet sat outside, in the heart of Scottish nature, with a punnet of strawberries, in what seems like a massive steaming bath, then you my friend, have not lived.

Tickle the Trout

There is a River on the estate called River Dye. You can go swimming, paddling, canoeing or fishing in the river during your stay or if you really fancy, you can “tickle the trout.” Tickling the trout is a way of catching trout by sticking your fingers under rocks and grabbing the fashies that are hiding. Forgive me father, for I personally, have not the balls. But wild swimming? Sign me right up.

Glen Dye Cabins and Cottages

Booking your own experience at the Glen Dye Saw Mill may be impossible considering we plan to book up all year/forever. But if you do find yourself lucky enough to find some space, then here’s some of the stuff that you can expect at the home of the brave:

  • Outdoor Shower which flows straight from the stream!
  • Wifi
  • Electricity
  • Hot Water
  • Standalone bathroom with hot shower
  • Games, books and a record player
  • Welcome hamper
  • Dog-friendly. POOCH CAN COME!

Alongside the sawmill, there are also luxurious lodges for hire on the estate. We have yet to experience these but don’t think I’m not working on it… Book your experience here.


Our stay at Glen Dye was complimentary, however, oh my days we fell completely in love and for that reason, all opinions are our own, although the wood-fired hot tub may have helped influence us.




The Chief.