Gok Wan Fashion Brunch at the Edinburgh Village Hotel

Prosecco, Catwalks and Great Big Bangers

(and that’s before we even got to the event)

Even after meeting the fashion fox, I still don’t really know the answer to this question. I mean, what do you wear to meet Gok Wan? 

We arrived in Edinburgh on the Friday evening and checked in to our chic club room at the Village Hotel in anticipation of the Gok-ky glitz and glamour that was ahead of us. We were welcomed with strawberries drizzled in chocolate and the most sensational éclairs I have ever demolished (sorry Slimming World). It wasn’t long before we were spotted in the Village Verve Grill with a pina colada in hand. I would deny it but there’s photographic evidence. How many syns are in 6 pina coladas?

Scott slept like a baby, I had stayed up most of the night contemplating leggings or harem pants. Is it okay to wear an open toe heel during the day in October? Is it contradictory to wear a faux fur cape with open toe heels? What would Kim K do? Lordy, I was one big stress bag and shops aren’t open at 2am when all the clothes you’ve packed become somewhat inferior. All this time, Scott snored like he didn’t give a bats sass. Eventually I drifted off, dreaming off a potential career in stress growth because I am just so good at that…

Morning Daahling

Waking up in the Village is always a bliss worse than brilliant and I took to the shower like a Herbal Essences advert, except lathering up the ESPA. To set the record straight, I bloody love ESPA products. They gave me a reasonable face once and a girl doesn’t forget that in a hurry. I actually look forward to staying in the Village purely down to their use of the smell-icious ESPA. Perfection.

Eventually I settled down and went with leggings, open toe embroidered heels with a purple faux fur cape. I was giving it ‘Cruella De’ville meets Big Bird’ vibes and Scott said I even got in to character. What do you wear to meet Gok Wan?  Scott hadn’t packed his leather skirt, nor his velour pink jacket and as far as I was concerned, he had no stress which meant it was absolutely fair for him to share mine. Sharing is caring.

Big Boys Don’t Cry

After I had managed to change my outfit 6 times to end up in the first one I tried on with a daze of hairspray and perfume which could be smelled in Glasgow, we took to the lift. I was mega chilled by this point, until Scott decided to go all breakdown Betty on me.

He may of knew exactly what he was getting in to, however shortly after realising he was one of only 4 men (including Gok) in a very feminine environment, his tail went between his legs. I don’t think it was necessarily the ‘Who run the world, girls’ situation that stressed him out, it was more that he was terrified that Gok would call him out on his fashion fandango in front of everyone. After a bit of reassurance that this was a Gok Wan Brunch and not the Scott show, he seemed to relax. Besides, Gok only called him out once and in that moment, his face was a work of art.

How do you like your Prosecco in the morning? I like mine with Gok Wan…

Waiting in the lobby, was what looked like a cross between the Races and a really good sale in River Island. Lots of women dressed to the nines waited in their bonnie frocks for a glass of complimentary chilled Prosecco. What else you going to do on a Saturday morning? I was happy to join them. In Scotland, we drink in true fashion. Enter Poco Prosecco.

Poco Prosecco is a little Italian Prosecco truck packed to the brim with fizz. They are based in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh although they take their prosecco all over the country, making them the ultimate wedding guest. Who doesn’t love prosecco on the go go?

Dream Team

Prosecco in hand, we travelled through Goks Dream Space. The Dream Space included a collection of amazing Scottish products. Being an avid window shopper (even without windows), I was in my element! The lovely ladies at Issy Mayy Candles only added to the ambience with their fragrant flames. Utilising pure soy wax and essential oils, Issy Mayy ensure their products are organic and include no hidden nasties and we, are in love.

Another local brand flouncing its feathers was Olive Fountain, an organic skincare company from none other than Glasgow, only a wee hours drive awa’. Could this be the secret to the undeniable Scottish good looks?

G & Tea

Firstly, we pride ourselves on our puns and yet even we never picked up on this absolutely smashing pun utilised by the Wee Tea Company. G & Tea, a gin and tonic flavoured loose tea. Wee Tea are also boasting a ‘Teasecco,’ a prosecco flavoured tea for Christmas. Although we are a little heartbroken that we never got a chance to try these at the time, we are more than positive that these boozy injuiced hot-teas are going to be a winner winner chicken dinner.

Shoppers Hunger

Definition: A term used to describe the intense cravings which arise from a morning of prosecco and window shopping. #SorryNotSorry

It was time to take a seat at our designated table and it was safe to say The Village exhibited their superb organisation skills with their extravagant décor and classy tableware. We were delighted to pull up a pew and meet some of the ladies who were just as excited as us for the main event. There was a lovely little envelope on the table titled ‘Sweetie,’ it included a guide on the brands who would be showcasing their creations for the day. All of this was decorated perfectly by Cards4ever, a local wedding stationery company with sophistication to boot.

The prosecco was flowing and nibbles soon followed. The cheesy quiche in the starter barely touched my plate before it was long gone. Our chirpy chicken and culinary cous cous, drizzled in garlic butter was also quickly a thing off the past.

This is the Main Event, are you ready?

Gok, you fabulous riot.

Gok Wan entered the room to some cheery beats and had all the ladies grinning like cheshires. He hopped on to the stage and announced that Edinburghs event was the last Fashion Brunch of this year. What better reason to go out with a bang(er)? Gok is the exact same as he is on the telly, except in person he is the ultimate party host and soon had everyone up on their feet dancing. This was when he told Scott to get dancing and the moment where Scotts face went 50 shades of beetroot. Incredible scenes.

Fashion, put it all on me…

Gok Wan makes a point of using a range of different models for his Brunch Club catwalk. The display saw ladies of different ages, shapes and sizes take to the stage in beautiful local brands. Not only did the fashion speak volumes but the girls were done up to the nines with bouncy curls and classy up dos created by Myles Haidressing, an Edinburgh hair haven.

This was the first fashion show that I had ever attended and now I feel like this must happen to me most months. Scott, the fashion mogul that he is, didn’t really understand the fashion aspect and compared most clothes to pyjamas. If that is the case, I would wear pyjamas all season.

A dip in the Biscuit jar…

Biscuit Clothing dominated the runway with their elegant, cosy and modern way with wool. They are an Edinburgh based brand taking inspiration from the modern woman. They offer a range of stylish ‘clothing and living’ options. Whether you are looking for the perfect present, or the ultimate event look, Biscuit has it all. I am head over heels for their cream ‘Part Two Jessamin Rollneck,’ which offers the perfect solution to a crispy Autumn day. Check it out below!

Fruitbats and Screwballs

Q: What happens when Victoria watches a Fruitbats and Screwballs catwalk?
A: Victoria daydreams she owns every single Autumn/Winter poncho.

If you haven’t already checked out this ethical brands beautiful Scottish attire, then you better get those skates on. Their perfect ponchos are the ultimate answer to cosy fashion and are perfect for storming the chilly streets during the winter season.

Pan Pan Bridal

Will you marry me? Or just buy me a dress… Pan Pan Bridal is able to make 150 women say ‘aaah’ in perfect unison. They put the beaut in beautiful with their stunning lace and bejewelled wedding dresses. I don’t think I was the only person at the Brunch who had huge love hearts in the eyes when the models took to the stage in the most stunning wedding dresses. Absolutely divine and local to Edinburgh. Definitely a contender for my big day!

Angels and Insects

Hats off to Angels & Insects who are another local brand established by two sisters who share a love of hat-stravaganzas. Each fabulous hat is handmade with love and care and provides the perfect eye catching statement. Hatters gonna hat!

Encanto Lingerie, Ooh la la…

It’s about to get romantic baby! Encanto Lingerie swayed on to the catwalk with blissful bras, teasing teddys and silky sophistication. Encanto Lingerie is a bonnie boutique based in South Ayrshire proving that even in chilly Scotland, things can still get pretty steamy.

Big Boobed & Beautiful

The Fashion Brunch offered two fabulous catwalks, both boasting local brands and both done to the best of upbeat tunes. Some of the other brands showcased at the event included the quirky but cute Rosamund of Scotland along with the radiant Rosy Penguin and make up wonders GlamCandy.

In between, Gok offered a bloody brilliant Question and Answer session. Although it is not up my alley to ask about my GG’s and well sized thighs, many ladies did. For that, I thank them. Gok was superior in utilising his fashionista flair and lifted the liftless with feel good chit chat and identity inspiration.

Tick Tock it’s Gok

I had a brilliant time at Gok Wans Fashion Brunch and wish I could go two or three times a year. It would definitely be worth going with a group of girls, which is maybe where I went wrong. Scott appreciated the day but still doesn’t know what a poncho is.

Following the show, was the opportunity to enjoy a coffee and a cake, which many prosecco headed ladies took advantage off. After saying cheerio to our company, we headed for the door where we were handed some lovely goody bags. This resulted in me nibbling tablet all the way on the way back up to bonnie Aberdeen. It’s safe to say that I left Gok with a head full of fashion and fancy fizz.


As The Aye Life assisted with advertising the event, we were provided with a night in the Village Hotel and tickets to the event because it’s such a hard life… Opinions are always my own.



The Chief.