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Gold Moss Candles: Wintery Van Heilan Coorie

For anyone who thought we’d have packed in van living in October when summer was over… We’re still here my fine wee smokies. And in fact, I’ve never known coorie like it. As I’m writing this post, there’s a storm a-swirling outside. The rain is playing a Merry tune on the skylight above my head. It’s 1 degree and the wind is gyrating against the van.

But us? Well, the dogs are sound asleep in their dog den bunk bed.
The fire in the wood-burner is pirouetting in an encapsulating trance. The van is a toasty 32 degrees, the Baileys in my hot choc is hitting just right. There are fairy lights draped across Van Heilan are providing a cosy glow and the ‘Hidden Loch’ Gold Moss Candle burning by my side is giving me all the “reasons I chose this lifestyle” wild scents.

Gold Moss Candles

We agreed to work with Gold Moss Candles when we noticed how beautiful the jars were, and how sexy they’d look in Van Heilan. Also, they’re handmade in Inverness (like me, well, kind of), eco-friendly and they’re a small business so can we just get a hell yeah for all the Scottish small business owners?!

I don’t buy so much nowadays, because I’ve chosen memories over things, but I still like my little luxuries like my UGGs, my candles, my jewellery, my books, my mini bar and my completely unnecessary Mickey Mouse carpet bag. We’ve been through a lot of Scottish scented candles since we moved into the van. Wherever we are in the world, we’re usually burning a Scottish candle.

Gold Moss Candles are one of those little Scottish luxuries that just manage to hit the chill button when I’m nae feeling chill. Which with life as it is just now, it’s not always easy to just chill out amiright? Their Scottish Collection comprises of three scents; Hidden Loch, Scottish Woodland and Wild Munro.

Scottish Collection

Hidden Loch provokes moments of still by a Scottish Lochside. It’s scented with cassis, mandarin, jasmine and amber. It takes me to a swim alone in a Scottish Loch, forgetting all my woes and wondering.

Following our recent partnership with Forestry and Land Scotland, I’ve become completely entwined in the secrets behind Scotland’s great forests. So the Scottish Woodland candle has come at a perfect time for me. Scents of pine, thyme, cedar and fir take me back to wandering through Culbin Forest learning all about the trees that we and wildlife live by.

Lastly, we have the Wild Munro candle, which is scented with a fruity fragrance of dewberry, apple and pear. Although I’m not a Munro-bagger, well, not yet, this candle takes me to the peak of my very own Scottish mountain. Where I rule, like a Highland Elsa, over the off-grid life I dream off.

Gold Moss Candles do more than just burn beautifully, they take me places, through their gorgeous designs, hand-picked scents and inspiring Scottish-ness, these are the perfect pick-me-up and the wildest gift. Pick up your own cosy Scottish candle for moments of peace and coorie.



The Chief.

This article contains sponsored/gifted content.