Highland Focus: All About Foyers

Foyers, A Highland Hidden Gem

As a born and bred Invernesian, I know the Highlands like the back of my hand. There are many interesting Highland attractions which have had their fair share of fame but I am all about giving a little bit of love to the surrounding villages that deserve just as much recognition, if not more. So once you’ve finished exploring Culloden Battlefield, take a step out to Foyers. You might just fall in love.

Many folk know Foyers because of it’s spectacular waterfall; the Falls of Foyers, but there is so much more to this quaint little area and I am here to give you the lowdown.

Foyers Pier

One to watch, Foyers Pier is a relatively new, but ongoing development on the banks of Loch Ness. We were lucky enough to join the team on an early morning boat trip out to Urquhart Castle, which definitely blew away any trace of a cobweb. Scott was in his element, he would live on a boat if the opportunity arose.

The Loch Ness boat trip leaves from Foyers Pier and heads up Loch Ness towards the castle, whilst boasting outstanding views on it’s way. The luxury motorboat, ‘Glenliath’ is compact, yet comfortable. With a maximum of 12 passengers per trip, this is definitely a more personal and relaxed way of enjoying the magical Scottish scenery. Glenliath is available for scheduled trips and private charters.

Urquhart Castle

Would it even be a Scottish castle if the Scot’s didn’t take it upon themselves to blow it up every few years? There must be something in the water in the Highlands as we blow up way too many of our own castles. It could be a pride thing, “If we blow it up, then at least the English can’t.”

Urquhart Castle is absolutely drenched in fascinating Scottish history. If you love rebellious, rough, mad Scottish banter and the pubs in Inverness are full, Urquhart Castle is your place. Because I’m a mad self-promoter, I wrote a blog all about it (It’s really bloody interesting). A simple boat trip from Foyers Pier will take you directly to the castle, if Nessie doesn’t get you on the way. Speaking of which…

Loch Ness

Loch Ness is the most famous Loch in this here world and all because of a monster that hardly ever shows up. Funny that. Loch Ness is home to Nessie, The Loch Ness Monster. Nessie is a bit of a shy beast and unfortunately doesn’t pop her head up all that often.

All it take’s is a funny looking floating branch and 7 tourists have “definitely seen the monster.” Do I believe in Nessie? You bet I do, I’ve seen her at least 14 times and every one of those times she has looked a lot like a floating branch. She does however have Twitter, and is worth a follow. She must be using it on her Aye Phone…

Falls of Foyers

Pretty much does what it says on the tin. And so much more… I have many a happy childhood memory of greeting my wee eyes out cause my dad was walking too far infront of me and my crappy wee kid legs couldn’t keep up. Or of my granny smoking everybody out of the place with her numerous nic’ sticks. In amongst this, I managed to really enjoy myself and the spectacular thrashing views of the falls.

We recently returned to the Falls for a nosy with Snoop Dog (our dog, not the rapper). We decided to attempt to walk all the way down to the bottom of the falls but instead ended up passed-out on a bench, half way down, looking back up and thinking “well Rodders, that was clever.”

Boleskine House

Welcome to the creepiest house in the Highlands and where we used to go for fun when we were kids. Please note that you can’t actually gain access to this house and nor would you want to. Once home to the occultist creeper, Aleister Crowley and then later to the drug-mad musician, Jimmy Page, I dread to think what kind of shenanigans those walls have seen.

There is a cemetery at the bottom of the hill, which supposedly has a tunnel that leads up to the house. Apparently, this has been bricked up. Whether this is actually true or not shouldn’t matter, as ‘the world is but a canvas of our imagination’ – Henry Thoreau

Foyers Lodge

And where ya gonna stay whilst sailing, exploring and monster-hunting? Foyers Lodge of course. After falling into a state of disrepair, this lodge has been taken on by Anna and her team who are working tirelessly to return it to it’s Victorian grandeur. With incredible views of Loch Ness, this Lodge looks like the perfect place for a Highland getaway.




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