Home Office Decor with The Little Greene Paint Company

Home Sweet Home

Extremely rare time off this month allowed us to collaborate with The Little Greene Paint Company in creating cosy, Autumnal home office decor. We are hoping to achieve lots of new decor over the Winter, so watch this space.

Our house was falling down long before we arrived. And we knew it was falling down when we bought it. We fell for the history, the romance and the original features of the Victorian building. The cracks, disintegrated beams and climbing damp was a nuisance, but by no means a surprise.

Whenever we have had a spare minute, it has been spent ripping down beams, scrubbing damp and sealing up crevices. We have even found secret rooms, passageways and an original shoulder-height ingleneuk containing an old fireplace. Our house isn’t a mansion. It is a ground floor flat which is part of a mansion. It happens to be absolutely massive, but due to the deterioration, we picked it up at a crazy price. So we have a huge project on our hands and we need all the help we can get!

The Little Greene Paint Company

Little Greene is an independent, family-run business based in Snowdonia, with their head office in Manchester. All of their products are environmentally-friendly and child safe. They offer a number of different finishes for walls, ceilings, floors, and exteriors.

Since the beginning of 2018, Little Greene has been working closely with the National Trust to create an exciting new palette. The inspiration for this has been taken from National Trust houses and gardens across England, Wales, and Ireland.

Our office was previously very sporadic. Scott’s desk was at the front window, mine was wherever I fell for the day. Due to things getting busier in our Aye Life, we knew we needed a more solid ground. So when we had the opportunity to work with The Little Greene Paint Company on our home office decor, we were thrilled.

Home Office Decor

The colours we picked were ‘Tabernacle‘ and ‘Ho Ho Green.’ Tabernacle is the light green colour on my side of the office and Ho Ho Green is the darker colour on Scott’s side. Tabernacle takes it’s palette inspiration from a small wooden pavilion in Winston Churchhill’s prestigious gardens. Ho Ho Green was inspired by the hand-painted Chinese wallpaper in the spectacular Nostell priory in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. The finish we picked was intelligent matt which has been made specifically for high-traffic areas as it is easily washable.

We love Little Greene’s collaboration with the National Trust. It is lovely to know that you are bringing colourful heritage and history into your own home. It is also a great talking point, “Yes darling, this is the same paint that Churchill used.”

The Finishing Touches

We were really excited about the prospect of finally finishing a room in our humble abode and this time we weren’t going to ‘half-arse‘ it.

We bought a lovely white desk from IKEA for my side of the office, and Scott already had his black desk for his darker side. I found the most darling of curtains in Dunelm which matched the contrasting green theme perfectly. We have had lots of compliments on the curtains, you can pick them up from £45 here. I also picked up dark green candle holders with gold leaf embellishment which paired perfectly with the ‘Ho Ho Green’ colour on Scott’s side. They were a huge bargain, at only 79p each! Other little accessories included an olive green lamp from Dunelm and another gold leaf embellished vase.

All our office really needed was a little bit of time, patience and love. Little Greene provided us with the canvas we needed to create a lovely new space in our home.





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