Isle of Skye Candle Company: Going West

Perfect Match

From the Westside to the Eastside… All I need is candles in my life. Candles, massages, long baths and martinis. And cheese sticks. And endlessly magnificent views of Scotland. I’m working on the Scotland part and Lord knows I need a martini, but I’ve well and truly nailed the candle part. Why? Because this week, the North East received a rather blessed gift from the North West. To Aberdeenshire, with love, Skye. And I’m totally cool with this because I have been absolutely desperado to get my hands on the finest from the Isle of Skye Candle Company. For the longest time. Do you know why Scottish candles are the best candles? Because they’re made in Scotland.

Relight my Fire

When most people receive candles, they do the normal human thing and light them, perhaps whilst getting lost in a book or listening to Barry White and behaving friskily. Us? No, no, no. You see, at The Aye Life, things work a little differently. Before we can enjoy our candles, we must scale the side of a North East cliff getting smacked in the face with North Sea winds, to take cute candle photos that a handful of you may appreciate. Aye 2.0 literally got hit in the face with seafoam. And it was marvellous. Oh and for the record, nobody asked us to do this, we just have a freaky obsession with the coastline. Every time we receive anything blog related, we’re like “wanna go to the beach and take photos?” except for when we receive things like gin and lingerie… But that’s what we have to tell you… And we haven’t received lingerie yet, not sure why…

Highland Gorse

I was going to save my favourite candle for last, but now I have two favourites, so I’m technically still doing that. I first came across Highland Gorse in the Highlands. Both the Gorse and the candle. Somebody thrust it under my nose in the Falls of Shin, and I think I drooled a little bit. Because Highland Gorse smells amazing. Like, if I could pinpoint a Highland smell (other than Highlands pubs the morning after whisky-Fridays), I would say this nails it. Scots pine, amber, cedarwood and Skye breath (added that bit but if it was made by people on Skye then it probably does contain Skye breath). A light, gentle fragrance that doesn’t make you feel like you’ve just stepped into your grannys bathroom, Isle of Skye Candle Company, bravo.

Scots Pine

This one time (at band camp), Aye 2.0, Callie and I went for a walk in a totally random forest near Aviemore. There were frogs the size of pennies everywhere and a lovely little loch that you wouldn’t even know was there unless you knew it was there. Which I do. Message for details. And this candle reminds me of that walk. Which is lovely, because that was an 8.9-rated walk. And I can’t wait to go back. But seeing as it is going to be freezing until at least next year and because ankle-gate is still a thing, the Scots Pine candle is going to give me that fine forest-come-lochside scent until then.

Winter Warmer

Oh. my. days. Phone Simon and tell him you’re busy because you, my friend are staying in tonight. Or at least you are once you’ve had a beak of this beauty. Fragranced with sweet orange essential oil, cinnamon leaf and a hint of clove, this is Christmas in a can. Or a jar. Either way, I’m RSVP-ing yes to this little baby. When you smell it, it makes your Christmas cells shake, in a good way. And really, at this time of year, that’s all I really need, Christmas vibes everywhere.

Raspberry and White Ginger

And last… but certainly not least. All the drools. This is the other favourite that I was ramblin’ on about earlier. Wow oh wow oh wow. I didn’t know I loved it until I knew. When it arrived in the post, I was like “Who’s this guy? He’s new, not sure how I feel about him.” And then I smelled him and now he’s moved in. And he’s going to be joining us on Christmas day because he. is. worth. it. Buy one of the wee votive candles to try it out, it will be one of your best decisions.

Isle of Skye Candle Company

Hey gorgeous. Yeah, you. I’m speaking to you gorgeous. That’s the stuff I would say to my new candles if they could hear me. Check out the full range here, because you ain’t getting mine.



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