Kartel Watch Review: Time for Scottish Style

One More Time

What a time to be alive. We really are living The Aye Life. Travelling, sipping cocktails, eating everything in sight, and now, writing a Kartel Watch review. And it’s about time. When I came across Kartel Scotland, I was so excited. One, because their watches are beautiful. Two, because Kartel is a Scottish brand. And I just love Scottish brands. We make some of the best products in the world. Like, whisky, I mean, hello?! We’ve actually been reviewing a lot of whisky recently, but we keep forgetting to actually write the reviews… Putting together a Kartel Watch Review was a welcome (and certainly more healthy) change.

This quality Scottish brand takes its inspiration from the incredible and ever-changing Scottish landscape. We also take inspiration from Scotland. And sometimes from gin… But with Scotland in common, I couldn’t wait to go Kartel shopping. The flagship Kartel store is in St. Andrews but I chose my watch from the online shop.

Kartel Watch Review

Aye 2.0 bought an Apple watch in 2015 and he hasn’t taken it off since. As for myself, I like more classic, stylish and comfortable watches that don’t “ping” every few seconds. And my new time teller is all of that, and so much more.

Rose gold and crafted meticulously for reliability and comfort, and featuring a classic Harris Tweed strap, the Kendrick watch had to be mine. I recently visited the Harris Tweed shop on Harris and if I said I didn’t pee myself a little, then I’d be telling porkies. And now I have a beautiful new Harris Tweed watch to match my Harris Tweed bag. All. That. Scottish. Style. My Christmas has come early. It’s also great to see a Scottish brand working with another Scottish brand to produce such elegance. If there’s one thing I love, it is buying local.

Affordable Quality

This watch retails at £99, which is extremely reasonable for a watch of such high quality. They also offer free delivery to the UK, the US, and Germany. My watch arrived within a couple of days, and I was at the door before the postie even knocked.

Kartel offers a gift engraving service, for £10. I had mine engraved with The Aye Life, which seemed totally fitting. The Aye Life has been the making of me and I’m extremely proud of both my brand and my new watch. I plan to wear it loud and proud. And also, because it is grey and rose gold, it is going to go with literally everything!

Kartel have beautiful watches for all the family and with our code for 15% discount, you’ll be able to grab yourself a bargain in time for Christmas. Or if you’re waiting for the January sales, our AYE15 code can be used before the end of January 2019.



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