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Laggan Glamping Pods: BBQs, Wild Swims and Highland Gin

I love Laggan. I didn’t know I loved Laggan until I went to Laggan Glamping Pods and was like, “this place is kinda the bees boobies.” That seems to be happening a lot these days, I think I know Scotland and then I go somewhere new and I’m like, “great, might as well cancel September cause I’m gonna have to come back now amn’t I?!” But heaps of you folks are apparently the same. We’re all just fools in love with Alba.Loch LagganI get quite a lot of Instagram messages on the daily saying stuff like, “I never would have thought about going on holiday in Scotland cause I live here but since I’ve followed you, I want to go everywhere.” And that’s a good thing. It means that I’m a pretty dab hand at the old gram-a-lang and it also means that folk are starting to love where they live. And right they should too!

Just a Lockdown Girl…

Scotland BooksWe did a wee bit of work for Laggan Glamping Pods through our Scottish digital marketing business during lockdown. Part of the deal was that we got a cooshty wee weekend stay in a posh pod after the lockdown lifted. Going glamping in Laggan was something to look forward to, ken?Day 3 post-lockdown and were off to go glamping in Laggan. We stuck the pods in the sat nav and hoped for the best. If we made it there in decent time to get a barbie going and feed ourselves endless smoked meat before dark, then we’d have done a good thing.

We had stayed in Inverness the previous night so we weren’t travelling all the way from Aberdonia-shire. But little did I know that Laggan is only 40 mins from Aviemore! I thought it was in Scottish Narnia at the very least. Aviemore in itself is way accessible from Inverness. And Aviemore is bonnie. And the scenery around Aviemore is perfection. But drive past Aviemore and you’re right in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park and well, that is something spectacular.

Laggan Glamping Pods

Glamping podsThe village of Laggan is in the South West of the Cairngorms National Park. Laggan Glamping is just outside Laggan and has an awesome set-up. It’s proper in the sticks but only 10 minutes or so from Newtonmore, where you can pick up a massive whack of food for posh pod life.If you’re not really in a Newtonmore state of mind, the guys at Laggan can arrange some proper decent scran for you; barbecue food, pizzas and mega breakfasts. So don’t worry, you winna starve! Even if it’s raining when you arrive, there’s an indoor BBQ!

Posh Pods

Laggan Glamping podsLaggan Glamping pods aren’t basic. I mean, if they’d have me, I’d easy live in one. They’re cosy, warm, homely and accessible to both the West Coast for last-minute trips to Mallaig, and some of the best scenery in Scotland.

Each posh pod has its own bedroom and can sleep 5. The bedroom comprises of a double bed and 3 single bunks. The mattresses are insanely comfortable and the sheets are soft. Honestly, for us (and we’ve done a lot of glamping), this was more like dwelling in a wee Scottish log cabin. I’d live there easy. Going glamping in Laggan isn’t a roughing it experience at all, this is luxury Scottish glamping.

The kitchen/living area had a wee cooking bit with microwave, kettle, sink and hobs. There was also a dining table with comfortable diner-style seating, a telly with Netflix and high-speed internet. Considering it’s in the Highlands of Scotland, Laggan Glamping is pretty kitted out!

Wild Swims and Highland Gins whilst Glamping in Laggan

Swimming Loch LagganWe kinda didn’t have massive plans whilst we were staying at Laggan Glamping. But we ended up doing heaps! There are lots of things to do when you go glamping in Laggan and a lot of that involves taking time to tune into Scotland’s natural beauty. 

Loch Laggan is barely a stone’s throw from Laggan, so we went for our obligatory wild swim. We stopped a fisherman at the side of the road and grilled him on swim spots. We ended up swimming across the river onto the gorgeous beach in Ardverikie Estate, before going for a swim in Loch Laggan. The views were absolutely insane! Definitely one of our favourite swimming spots so far.Mallaig HarbourOn our second day, we drove way out West to Mallaig, stopping at Glenfinnan for a wee wander and at the Silver Sands of Morar for a wee dip in the Atlantic. That was really feckin’ refreshing.

Runrig and Scottish Roadtrips

Seven Crofts ginIs there ever an aye-venture that goes by where we don’t listen to Runrig?! Probably not. We spent our evening at Laggan BBQing till around 10pm, sampling (definitely more than sampling) Seven Crofts Gin and listening to Runrig. Whilst Aye 2.0 got way too boozy from tins of John Smiths.

Laggan Love

Loch LagganHonestly, we coulda stayed for a week. I even messaged the team on the third day to ask if they had last minute availability, which of course they didn’t, because the place is cracking! God loves a trier tho, eh?

What d’ya think? Do you fancy going glamping in Scotland?



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This article contains sponsored/gifted content.