Live in the Light: Organic Self Care Review

Skin-side Out

When Roy emailed me to drop the bomb on Live in the Light, I was ready. Who’s Roy? Well, that’d be telling. What’s Live in the Light? Well, that’s a whole other pot of tattie soup. Live in the Light is basically an organic website of dreams. But so much more. LITL sells only natural, organic and chemical-free skincare, hair care and other beauty products. Why had I not heard of it before? I haven’t a scooby doo. But as soon as I set eyes on that Tuesday afternoon press release, I was like “hmmm YEP.”

So poor Roy was bombarded with questions. And requests. Look, if I’m going to write articles at 6am in the morning next to a snoring Aye 2.0 on a pillow full of Labrador fluff then, of course, I am going to take advantage of the perks.

Live in the Light

Firstly, nice message. A brand with a sound ethos and a nice message – it’s almost as though they branded in anticipation of this review. How can one person say bad things about a business named ‘Live in the Light?’ It’s so on trend with my whole being at the moment.

As I was saying… I asked Roy if he could arrange to have a few bits sent my way. And Roy’s a good guy so he is, and he said “AYE babes” (not in those exact words but man I wish PR’s spoke to me in those heights of banter). Here’s what I bagged myself…

Bath Accessories Gift Set

Whether I brushed my thighs with a nail brush is my business. For the record, I didn’t know it was a nail brush, I thought it was a thigh brush. And in case you’re reading this thinking “jeeez your thigh hair must be packing,” a thigh brush isn’t for hair, it’s for cellulite duh. Also, way too many folk have asked me what a thigh brush is. A thigh brush is a dry brush you use on your legs to help banish cellulite.

Not like any of that matters, because it was a nail brush, for, em, nails. Aye 2.0’s face was a picture. He’s never seen me brush my thighs before, he thought my thighs were naturally that slender, toned and not dissimilar to bronzed hot dogs. PAH.

The bath accessories gift set comes with a nail brush, a handmade wooden soap dish, a soap bar (your choice of flavour) and an Ayate face cloth which is apparently is amazing. I just realised that it’s a face cloth. My morning has just levelled up.

Travel Kit Body Essentials

This cute little one comes with three magical bottles; peppermint body wash, coconut body oil and radiant skin silk. They all smell divine. Aye 2.0 and I used some of the body oil to give each other hand massages. Romance ceases to die. I can’t wait to bring this wee bundle with me on my next travel blogging extravaganza. Which may be a little while off due to current isolation. Maybe a holiday to the garden?

Raspberry Lemonade Foaming Hand Soap

I am so glad I’ve finally pulled my finger out and got to work writing this article. I’ve been trying to do it for at least 16 days but every time I’ve sat down to do it, the universe has had alternate plans.

The funny thing about being a blogger, is we are supposed to take photos of things before we use them so that we don’t spoil the photo. This is all fine and well, except that means that I have to sit and look at my bonnie haul before I can bathe in it. Delighted to finally open my lovely haul.

Live in the Light Review

Live in the Light is the perfect goto range for selfless self-care if that makes one iota of sense? Selfless in the respect that this stuff is natural, caring and kind. Selfish in that it is good to be good to you. With that, I’m away to pamper and brush my thighs. Have a good one folks, find all the self-care goodies here.


**Product gifted, views mine.**



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