Loch An Eilein, Rothiemurcus: 7 Fab Facts

Come On Eilein

Lived in the Highlands for 21 years. Crawled for some of that time. Still no excuse for being completely unfamiliar with this breathtaking loch. But, I did some digging (not literally, that requires effort) and found out some fun stuff about Loch An Eilein. Because I wouldn’t want you to miss out like I did, for far too long!

Wild Scotland

David Attenborough said this about it, “One of the glories of wild Scotland” and what Sir David says… is gospel.

Islands in the Stream

There’s a wee island in the Loch that’s home to the now ruins of a 15th century castle. Em. Yeah. Once upon a time, this island in the stream had some seriously staunch defences.

I don’t Jacobite

And who’s nearly always hanging around castles in Scotland? The Jacobites of course. They were retreating from what can only be described as a bit of a riot at the Battle of Cromdale. They besieged the castle and then we assume they enjoyed loch-side yoga, brunch and backstrokes in the Loch. Why? Because nobody documented their time there. So we can only assume that they were living their best chilled life.

Trunks On

The island castle used to be connected by a causeway which was lost when the loch level rose. So now you can only get there by breast stroke. Which leads me onto my next point…

Wild Swim

Loch An Eilein should really be the wild swimming capital of the world… I’m still to do it but it’s certainly on the bucket.

Artsy Farsty

I don’t buy art. Or at least I didn’t. But I accidentally did that at Loch An Eilein. Because I came across a Northern Irish artist who paints bonnie birds (aye, the flying type, not the femme time) in the wee gifty shop. Julian Friers, marry me?

I Got the Magic in Me

I’ve walked around heartless for all these years because I’m pretty convinced I found my heart in Rothiemurcus. Seriously, forget tap dancing around standing stones, if you want to find magic, it’s here.



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