Lodge on Loch Lomond Hotel Review

By Yon Bonnie Banks, By Yon Bonnie Braes…

Lodge on Loch Lomond Review

There’s an affa’ bonnie Lodge on Loch Lomond. Where me, Scott and blog-oh will definitely meet again, at the affa’ bonnie Lodge on Loch Lomond.

I do love me a wee Scottish tune-y and you better bet we listened to Runrig during the whole journey to Loch Lomond. To make the journey even more special, we left Paula the Passat in Aberdeen. She had been replaced with Michty the Mini Countryman courtesy of Mini in Aberdeen. There’s something very special about driving through the hills and glens listening to a good pair of Scottish lungs. Although Scott probably wouldn’t agree.

We didn’t leave Aberdeen toon till 4pm for two reasons. Firstly, Scott wasn’t pals with the sat nav. Secondly, we wanted to keep to our typical tradition of arriving at really scenic places when it’s dark. Which in this case, I regret. If you are going to be staying at the luscious Lodge on Loch Lomond, try and get there a few days early and maybe just don’t leave. You will need all the time.

The Travis Suite

Okay so for me, a suite is pretty much a nice room with a slightly better mattress, a couch or two and maybe a fancy bath. A suite to me is not what we got at the Lodge on Loch Lomond. This suite… was sweet.

So it was pretty much a house, or a flat per-say. The Travis Suite had its own living-room with patio doors accentuating sassy loch-side views. The bathroom had a corner tub (which I got bubbly in) and a double-headed separate shower. The bedroom was massive and was split in two by a separating wall/island. On one side of the ‘island’ (we will just call it an island, I’m a blogger, not a builder) was a double dressing table with 2 mirrors wrapped in old-worldly, theatric, bulb-lights.

For about a minute and no longer, I was a star. On the other side of the ‘island’ was the best bed to ever grace this here earth. It was also the first time I had ever rested my little lashes in a four-poster bed and mama was loving it. To be continued.

But First, We Eat…

Where would we be without our tea? We would be… hungry. I’m a poet and I know it. After launching our suitcases into the Travis Suite, we were itching for a decent feed. Cascading through Scottish glens whilst deer and pheasant spotting does that to you.

The Lodge on Loch Lomond has a superb restaurant, Colquhouns, which of course, overlooks Loch Lomond. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. As you may recall, we arrived in the dead of night (8pm) so we could see… absolutely nothing. We did however soak up the views during breakfast.

Dinner was a success to say the least. We both eat and we have both lived to tell the tale. I got stuck into fish and chips because all I wanted was batter and some slap-up tartare sauce. Scott had cod and mussels in a wild garlic and leek velouté with a side of… chunky chips because you just can’t buy class.

Quotes of the evening included (but are not limited to)

Scott: “I think the waitress just seen me soak up my velouté with a chip.”

Also Scott: “You look nice, you are making me feel under-dressed.” (I had been wearing the same outfit all day).

And you guessed it, Scott: “We get on quite well together, don’t we?” (4 years on, I would certainly hope so).

Prosecco, Strawberries and Bubbles

You know you’re lucky when you get a sneaky peek into our love life. The kind crew at the Lodge on Loch Lomond had stuck a couple of bottles of Prosecco and bowls of chocolate-covered strawberries in the fridge. That’s all I will say. Just like this blog, we always leave them wanting more. After our bubble bath, we got tucked into the crisp linen where I slept better than most babies.

Must I Rise?

Waking up in the morning to chocolate-covered strawberries, in a four-poster bed with a window view of vibrant greenery was beyond perfection. I was wide awake but was I up for leaving my new Queens residence? Was I hell. This was procrastination at a whole new level.

Thankfully I had managed to convince Scott that he must wander across the car park at 6 am to “catch the sunrise over the Loch.” In all honesty, it was way too overcast to catch any sign of the sun but I wanted some starfish time and he seemed convinced. Winning.

How do you like your eggs in the morning?

I like mine at Loch Lomond. The hunger in my belly was the only reason I eventually peeled myself of the crispy, soft, wonderful sheets and even then, it certainly wasn’t easy. The most painful goodbyes are those which include luxury and fine fizz.

Breakfast was a delight. We finally got our loch-side views over bacon and tea (in that order). There was a large buffet to pick from including cooked and continental. If I told you that I never eat any croissants after a full cooked breakfast then I would be telling massive lies. I eat 3. Not Sorry.

Lodge on Loch Lomond: Stuff You Need To Know

  • Try and arrive as early as possible, you will want to spend all the time here.
  • Book a longer stay, who needs reality?
  • Try and book dinner during daylight, that view is insane.
  • Book the Travis Suite so you can say you stayed in the same room as that ‘famous and slightly odd Scottish Blogger.’
  • Failing that, any room will do. The place is splendid.
  • Use the leisure facilities. There is a pool, sauna, steam room and jacuzzi. You can even buy budgie smugglers at reception. No excuse.
  • There is SO much to do around Loch Lomond including water-sports, a sea-life centre and even cruises on the Loch.

Most importantly; smile, relax and have fun. The Lodge on Loch Lomond is very special. Book here



The Chief.
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