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Country Roads

I grew up in the country. And when I first entered this cruel world, I had 6 solid months in Inverurie in a bungalow next to a Spar before I was whisked away to the Aberdonian sticks. Whiterashes to be precise – a townvillage, few houses with a village hall big enough to house the residents 10 times over. And I loved it. I lived the country life as a screaming monster child. Looking back the only thing that was missing was good olde’ country food.

Almost Heaven, Aberdeenshire

All the food in our fridge was from ASDA.  The place with branding similar to a 90s boy band that hasn’t aged well. As a child, I thought ASDA was the place that created all food. Why wouldn’t I? Newmachar Primary School has a lot to answer for.

Every time I saw a full shopping bag sitting on the kitchen table, I would slap the back end of it and the bag would make a “jingle” sound. That’s ASDA price.

But as I grew a bit older, I realised all food didn’t actually come from ASDA Dyce. Turns out **Spoiler Alert** most of it comes from farms.

Lower Thorneybank Farm Shop

We recently took a leaf out of Direct Line’s book and “cut out the middle man.” We did what Victoria’s wanted to do since birth and went to a farm shop. To buy local food the way we should. Plentiful veggies, eggs and home baking. No unnecessary lorry journeys from farm to processing plant, to distribution hub, to supermarket, to car and back to a house surrounded by fields… The irony.

Lower Thorneybank farm shop is nestled kinda in-between Huntly, Rothienorman and Turriff. We stopped by to stock up on  fresh produce on route to a fine wee weekend at Boutique Farm Bothies.

Silicon Valley Farmy

Thorneybank Farm Shop may be in the Aberdeenshire sticks, but it is definitely more modern than the rest of the region. All of the fresh local produce lives in a wall-sized vending machine. All we had to do was pick our goodies and pay (by cash or card) and all the wee doors would pop open with carrots and fudge galore.

Thorneybank Farm have invested heavily in this new system which allows the family shop to run itself. All you need to do is place your order, lick your lips, and they’ll be ready with your… sprouts.

And the place was heevin’. So many people came and went while we ogled the kale, trying to decide if it was appropriate to deep fry such a healthy food? Appropriate.

This boot was made for fillin

With the dog hogging all the space in the boot, we piled our box of veg into the car, balancing it on top of 3 suitcases, 8 tins of dog food and my mum’s handbag. My baggage handling days taught me well. No matter how tight a gap was, if you want to keep your job you’ll soon find space. Not sure my mum was so impressed when she got slapped in the side of the head with a leek. It wasn’t the windy roads and an overpacked hatchback, It was my driving she said. It’s always my driving.

Buy Local

If there’s one thing that our visit to Lower Thorneybank Farm Shop taught us, it is that food tastes so much better when it comes from doon the street. It is also usually better quality, keeps longer and saves money. Guess who’s hitting Rothie for the January health kick?




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