Lucy Jade Sylvester Jewellery: The Coastal Collection

She Shells

I first came across Lucy Jade Sylvester Jewellery by pure chance. I was flicking endlessly through a press platform, looking for something that really sang to me. Do you know what I mean? When you find something and you just think, that is a bit of me.” I usually wear 3 or 4 Thomas Sabo bracelets and my engagement ring. And maybe earrings if I’m feeling fancy. I don’t normally wear necklaces. Not because I don’t like them. It’s just hard to find something that floats my boat. When I came across Lucy Jade Sylvester’s gorgeous coastal collection, I just needed it in my life.

The Coast-ess with the Most-ess

Lucy Sylvester JewelleryI live beside the sea, on the North East Coast of Scotland. I love the coast. We spend our evenings walking our dog along the beach or taking her rock-pooling at our adorable little harbour. The sea speaks to me on a level no one else can. I’m just so curious about the ocean and all of its interesting hidden treasures. Lucy’s coastal collection is a nature lovers dream.

When Lucy agreed to collaborate with me on this piece, I asked her if she would surprise me with a piece she thought I would like. She sent me the Silver Netted Dog Whelk Shell Pendant, which had been cast from a shell found on the beach and then recreated in silver.

Lucy Jade Sylvester Jewellery

Lucy Jade Sylvester necklaceLucy says on her website “These natural forms with beautiful textures would decay into the ground and be gone forever, with direct casting from them I’ve created something that will now be here forever, to be worn for a lifetime.

Isn’t that such a gorgeous sentiment? I am so proud of my lovely necklace and haven’t taken it off since it arrived at the extent that even when I am about to leave the house, I check I have my phone, purse, glasses and my shell pendant. It has become a part of my person and it makes me feel like a 24/7 mermaid.


Product gifted, all opinions my own.




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