A Winters Tale with Lush Aberdeen

It’s just a little Lush

We live in a house, a very big (average sized) house in the country. Long story short but there isn’t a Lush in the Aberdeenshires coastal village of Cruden Bay, there isn’t even a chippy in oor wee nook and cranny. Nothing but sheep, dodgy roads and a howling gale off the North Sea. Cruden Bay would be lovely when your roof isn’t caving in because of Storm Brian (We are only on B, it is going to be a long winter and we will likely perish).

It gets even worse… I have been having Christmas cravings. It’s October and you don’t even need to judge me as I am doing that all on my own… So when Lush in Aberdeen invited me in for a poke and a nosy at their Winter range, these boots were made for walking.

Bright lights in the big city… sounds sad but there’s probably only 4 street lights in Cruden Bay and at least 5 of them don’t work.

I’m about to drop an even bigger (bath) bomb

I dragged Scott along by his chinny, chin chin and he was just so excited. Ironically, he loves a bar of soap. There are many things that can be said about my man but at least he is clean. I’m more of a shower gel and scrub girl (it’s getting personal) so I thought the soap side of things might be winner on the Scott scale. Literally 45% off the goodies in Lush were Scott friendly but he is a stubborn mare so his Christmas list is now looking pretty empty. SorryNotSorry.

Stop Wine-ing, or start

Before attending the event, we met with Julie, a fellow Aberdeen Blogger at Jules and the Crown in the Craftsman bar in Aberdeen, where I drank wine but others didn’t which wouldn’t be the first time. This was also a great opportunity to chill out a little bit after another hectic week at The Aye Life headquarters.

Lush Lock In

I am absolutely okay with being locked in Lush with glitter, smells, lotions and potions. Our welcome was warm, with Christmas music playing (YES) and an array of vegan friendly snacks and fruity fizz. Scott did his usual and headed straight for the snacks which he was supposedly using to improve his photography concentration skills.

A likely story.

All of the staff in Lush were in good spirits (Christmas spirits?) and were not only enthusiastic but very relaxed and willing to help. After welcoming bloggers R us, they went on to explain that they had set up various areas where we could learn about (and play with) different types of skin specialities. We were soon off on our very merry go round.

Shampoozled (suck on that Scherzinger)

My hair is longer than Loch Ness these days and I am getting blonder by the minute. Just to clarify, that’s blonde, not grey. Seeing as me and Rapunzel are becoming one, my first point of call was the cheery looking lass lingering round the hair products.

Just to clarify, I am not quite as sarcastic in real life (well, not really) so she, unlike Scott, got a really easy time. In all honesty, she packed me full of hair harmony and what kind of beauty blogger (I am one of those of too) would I be if I didn’t store these nuts for the Winter.

I Love Juicy Shampoo

Juicy Lucy. I noticed a few of the girls picking up this product so being a nosy critter, I got stuck in. Packed with mango, pineapple and papaya, this shampoo smells sass-sational! I Love Juicy has had raving reviews from those who previously washed their hair everyday as it balances oil sebum which prevents oily hair, in turn meaning you can wash less! Just your hair… not everything. Shower regularly… Still, less grease and more ease. Hairs gonna hair.


Big Shampoo

For the record, it isn’t large in size but it is large in awesomeness. I love products that look like food. I also like food… but that’s another story. Big Shampoo comes in a cute wee tub and looks like oily salt. The texture is sh-uperb and it smells even better.

This shampoo is for those aiming for big beehives, back-combed bliss and hair for days. It smells of coconut and the addition of lemon and lime is swell for cleansing. #KeepClean


Honey, I Washed My Hair Shampoo Bar

This is a cute little macaroon-shaped, sweet smelling, intriguing little thingy and I assumed due to its size that it probably wouldn’t last very long. Apparently, it has the ability to last 80 washes. I only wash my hair 52-55 times a year so if this little baby can look after my locks and it saves me buying a bottle of shampoo every 2 months then I am signing up. I haven’t washed my hair since the event (story of my life) but it is sitting on my wee shower shelf. Who knows? The next time you see me, I might be gorgeous.

It’s Christmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas

After many years (an hour, it was an hour) of scouting out the best hair products, we soon circulated round to the Christmas body bliss. It was at this point that Scott lost all of his interest and circulated back towards the food spread. This suited me perfectly as I was getting the opportunity to play to my hearts content. FREEDOM!

Along with my best bits below, I also have a lot of love for the Buche De Noel Facial Cleanser which smells like a combination of marzipan, brandy and play-doh. I haven’t tried it yet but I will report back if I love it.

Twilight Sparkle Jar

Could this be the perfect 2017 answer to body glitter? It is advertised as a massage bar as it is great for hydrating the skin (I know, I tried it) but once you pop something relatively sharp in to the bar, out pours sparkly shimmery magic fairy dust. The Sparkle Jar comes in two Christmassy colours, Twilight and Snow Fairy. Twilight was my favourite as it has a lovely lilac sheen to it. Use it as a massage bar or use it as the ultimate pre-Christmas party prep. Also it is naked which means it has no clothes on! (Packaging, no packaging – yay Lush!)


NAKED Shower Gel (It’s not what you think)

Lush have made even more introductions to their naked range which is not only a benefit to the world around us but also just looks… really purty. There may be a time in the not too far away future where my shower contains NO packaging. This would be life and would mean no accidentally on purpose ‘forgetting’ to throw out empty bottles.

The only real difference between the normal Lush shower gels and the naked ones is that the naked ones use a moulding agent to hold them together. Hold on for one more day… I was lucky enough to receive the Berry Berry Christmas naked shower gel in my wee goody bag which I am yet to try. However I did actually play with a couple of different ones in the store and other than feeling a wee bit awkward having a wash in front of the blogger crew, I did love the product.


Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub

A hundred yes’ wouldn’t quite cover how I feel about this little number. Although I believe it is a Christmas product, I would highly recommend stocking up on these for the rest of the year. I have found my new handbag addition. This would be perfect for using before a good lashing of lippy. It tastes amazing, I even tested it on a guy friend who loved the taste. So someone else might like the taste of this even more… wink wink.


My goodies, my my my goodies

Yes I am a blogger which means yes, occasionally I receive a few bits and bobs to put to the test. Although I am still to test most of my goodies out, I thought I would share some of the contents with you (mostly) lovely readers.

Buche De Noel Facial Cleanser

Made with fruity goodness, almonds and almonds – this smells incredible and has a funky texture. I am still to try it but it screams luxury (really loud screaming).


Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub

As above… buy it.

Butterbear Bath Bomb

We made one of these each at the event, this was before Scott lost interest. He actually enjoyed crafting his little bath buddy. Unlike some of the other Lush products, this bath bomb is much more subtle. Utilising sweet scents of vanilla and fair trade cocoa butter, the Butterbear would be the go to product for a chilled out, moistening bath. All I need is a Michael Buble Christmas album, a glass of amaretto and a bubbly bath.

Nevermind the ballistics Bath Bomb

This reminded me off double dip sherbet. However, it turns out that if I was to be a wine connoisseur then I couldn’t be a wine connoisseur as I have a terrible nose. It is made with orange oil, bananas and lime oil and has the typical inviting lush smell. Along with superb smells, this one was put to the test in store and the colours were mesmerising.


What a Winter-ful World

A lock in with Lush was everything I expected it to be. Loaded with lovely products, sweet scents and Christmas class. We would like to thank Lush for inviting us along, we cannot wait to get down to the store for a stock up.

The goodies were freebies but as always, all my opinions are sometimes a little too honest, relevant and most importantly, my own!



The Chief.