LUSH Sleepy Lotion Review by an Insomniac

The £8 Pot of Lush Sleepy Lotion that Insomniacs are SWEARING by

Does LUSH Sleepy Lotion really work? I battled insomnia for 6 months and during those 6 months, I was a fiery dragon at best. Physically and mentally detesting my partner for snoring, angered by shiny happy people. My life spiralled into a endless day of death. I started sleeping during the day and staying up all night, watching those tickers tick-tock by. During this time, I also put on A LOT of weight because I was eating breakfast at 1am, 4am and then again at actual breakfast time. I also eat family size chocolate bars and Dominoes pizzas nearly every day, also known as comfort eating. I was actually struggling with depression which brought on the insomnia and then the sleeping medication increased the insomnia which could only happen to me. Bye Felicia.

I also lost a lot of beauty sleep and as the days dragged on, I looked less feminine and more frightful, thinking it would never end. Thankfully, once I had realised that it was the ‘sleeping tablets’, I became a woman warrior and battled through the insomnia and depression all on my own-some which lasted for around… 7 months. However since things have levelled out, I am VERY protective over my sleep. Don’t poke the bear. The bear will bite. Hard.

Sleepy Like A Baby

We have a routine in our house and I am not proud of it but it exists. I have to go to bed around 22 minutes before Scott because if he comes to bed at the same time as me, he will breathe and move and exist and all of the above ticks me off and keeps me awake. Unless I am absolutely shattered and can pass out with one fell swoop. However, that is rare.

For some reason, I don’t think all that much during the day however when I arrive in bed, that is the perfect time for me to question gravity, extra-terrestrials, how slugs have babies and whether I will even bother celebrating Christmas next year (2017 was a write-off).

I have tried EVERYTHING to relax before bed. Reading, light exercise, bedroom sports, Horlicks, hot milk, brazil nuts. I even bought a projector night light for children which promised Aurora Borealis but looked more like robotic wet paint on the roof. Even Meditation. Ironically, meditating is like red bull to me. Whilst others become at one with themselves, I become at one with hoovering, dusting and kicking myself for not redecorating the bathroom. WHY.

Enter LUSH

In all honesty, I used to think that LUSH was airy-fairy, over-priced, highly scented sucker soap. I hate to admit that I am wrong but… If there was any-time that I was going to be wrong, then it would be right now. Part of being a blogger means being invited to cute little evenings of mostly posh sparkling juice, awkward ‘who is that blogger’ ‘Oh Heeeeeey’ moments and 23 people taking the same photo of the same pretty product for a mad social media spree. Initially, I found these events horrifying. Purely because I knew nobody, nobody knew me and there was an air of awkward competition floating round the room. Yet again, I have to admit that I am wrong-ish.

Octobers LUSH event changed everything for me. For the first time, I felt relaxed and more myself. LUSH were impeccably organised and the staff had even saved some of that ‘bouncy hip’ attitude you get through-out the day in-store, for the evening. Ever since that event, I have been a woman possessed. My shower looks like a LUSH store. I have always been very reserved in buying lots of beauty products but over the last few months, this duckling has gone butterfly.

LUSH Sleepy Lotion, This is What You Came For

After a particularly tiring, low week, I dragged Scott into LUSH so I could do buy self-preservation. I had read all about LUSH Sleepy Lotion and I genuinely couldn’t think of anything better than pampering and relaxing in some freshly ironed sheets. To begin with, I bought a little pot of joy because I wasn’t overly convinced that a cream was going to help me chill to the max.

Let’s cut to the chase… This stuff has been sent from the skies. I used it the first night I bought it and I was knocked out within 10 minutes. Along with smothering the LUSH Sleepy Lotion all over my arms, chest and boobs, Scott covered my back (I’m not Stretch Armstrong).

As you can see, its a lovely lilac colour and when applied it leaves an ever so slight shimmer on the skin. The lotion isn’t greasy and is absorbed very quickly. Asides from looking good and feeling sassy, Sleepy Lotion also has a phenomenal smell. Primarily the smell comes from the tonka bean, whilst there is definitely an evident presence of lavender and oatmeal. Initially that combination would have made me feel queasy but surprisingly it works, very well. Other seasonings in this magic milkshake include jojoba oil and fair trade organic cocoa butter.

Don’t just fall in love, fall asleep

I have since purchased the larger pot which I am living for, I have used it nearly every night since I first bought it in early December. The small pot is £7.95 and the full-size pot is £13.95. Should you be interested in trying a cheaper sample, you can purchase these on eBay for a few squid. You really cannot put a price on a full nights sleep. You can bag the wondrous LUSH Sleepy Lotion here.

I came for the Sleep, I stayed for feeling like a smell-icious, smooth criminal in the morning.



The Chief.