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Handmade by Doune, hand tested by me and my verdict is everything


I found Handmade by Doune on the inter-web and fell 50 shades in love with her products. Why would you not? All of the products are natural, bottled beautifully and wrapped in pretty packaging. Some pies just call me for a slice. Doune knew I was hungry like a wolf and she was happy to cook me up a sample or two.

During our 4th trip to epic Edinburgh this year, we checked into the pretty Principal Hotel for an evening of good grub, creative cocktails and all over chilling. Lady Dounes products were waiting for me just a few minutes walk away, handy dandy. With a bag full of beauty bliss, I strolled back to the hotel sporting a Cheshire grin. Unfortunately the cocktails at the Printing Press Restaurant were too good and I never got much of a chance to relax.

The road back to Aberdeen was bumpy, frumpy and a little grumpy. Once we finally got home and caught up with emails, the weather and the beach were calling for me. I decided to take my furry little 4 legged beast Scott, and the dog for a walk along the beach.

I’ll do my best, I’ll do my best to do the best I can

I have picked two of my favourite products from Handmade by Doune to tell you all about. I have never been the type to set up pretend marble backdrops with fake flowers strewn across them, particularly not for Scottish products. We have the most wonderful scenery around us and it seems criminal to waste this. This resulted in Scott, I and some very wet socks setting up some lovely photos of Dounes beauties at Cruden Bay beach.

Even with the wonderful backdrops and lovely packaging, it doesn’t tell half the story of the goodies within. Sometimes, I just can’t keep my hands to myself.

May Chang and Bergamot Body Scrub LOVE

Every girl needs a right good scrubbing every now and then and this girl is no different. Doune packs her products full of heavenly smelling natural ingredients and by doing this provides the absolute ability to relax you. If you don’t believe me, here are some interesting facts about one of her essential oil ingredients, May Chang.


May Chang has been used has a natural remedy for years and is common in aromatherapy. If you are struggling with anxiety, your GP can provide you with a beta blocker known as Propranolol. However, a study done in China found that May Chang reduced the stress in the chest almost as speedy as the beta blocker. My verdict is, if you can keep calm and keep clean then this scrub kills several birds with one stone. May Chang can also assist with coughs and colds and can keep fatigue at bay. Got my vote.

The other notable component is Bergamot. This is a gorgeous smelling oil taken from a citrus fruit. Another mood booster which can fill your beak with smelly sensations and leave you strutting out of the shower with your tail in the air.

Overall, this scrub is one of my favourites. Not only does it help to chill me out after a long day but it makes my skin a very smooth criminal.

Cool Amberwood Hand & Body Cream

Amberwood has an almost woody smell, very classic. I plaster this on my man on a regular basis, it smells sexy and in turn means we can spend more time together.

Doune offers a variety of different Hand & Body Creams so I will be checking out her other lovely smellies. However, this is the perfect one for the man in your life. Men aren’t lucky enough to have the wide variety of heavenly scented creams that us ladies have. I would highly recommend this as a gift for cool dudes. Yes I said that. Uncool dudes may also apply.

Handmade by Doune is a wonderful, natural Scottish brand and her wide range of impeccably wrapped and luxurious products not only make for wonderful gifts but isn’t it about time that you treated yourself? I know I have…

Check out the Handmade by Doune website here for a full range of fabulous products.





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