Madame Mews Thai Restaurant Aberdeen Review

Thai High

Okay well, it’s safe to say that nobody expected that. Not the date with Aye 2.0 during the day on a Tuesday and not the incredibly authentic Thai scran in Aberdeen Market. I didn’t expect Aberdeen market to even be a thing during our fleeting visit, considering we only drove into Aberdeen for me to purchase my 3rd very specific planner of the year (and it’s only February…) but once we arrived in the big smoke, we realised we needed all those city vibes. We’ve only been into Aberdeen Market a collective twice in our 5-year relationship, and we weren’t even hungry, but once we caught a whiff of Madame Mews Thai Restaurant, we knew it was Thai late to Thai back.

Thai and Stop Me

We’ve always fancied going to Thailand. Aye 2.0 wants to go to James Bond beach because he’s itching to see me rock an Ursula Andress two-piece. And I want to go so I can eat massive fried jumbo prawns. But considering we barely get the time to go to Aldi, Thailand is presently off the cards. A Simply Be one-piece and Aberdeen Market for Thai food will have to do.

But in saying that… Madame Mews blew my tiny little mind. The photos from this blog are verging on dreadful because I had literally zero intentions of writing about my dining experience. This was a date after all and dates are few and far between. But we both agreed after tasting the Thai cuisine that we would be doing an injustice if we chose not to share the love, so Thai and stop me.

Madame Mews

Himself had a proper Thai red curry and the portion was absolutely massive. He usually has a Thai red from the Chinese but this was a whole other ball game. Served with moreish sticky rice, this sweet and spicy Thai red curry was packed with veggies and tender chicken. I am a safe eater. I eat what I know and take some convincing to step into the unknown. It was at the grand old age of 23 that I tried my first onion (wish this was a joke as I am obsessed). I ordered seafood fried rice and deep-fried prawns wrapped in potato string. If you can find a better way to explain what I mean then be my guest. Best rice I’ve ever had. Best deep-fried prawns wrapped in potato string I’ve ever had.

Aberdeen Market

Aberdeen Market is fair becoming a foodie Fantasia. Two other places on our hit list are Avo, the avocado cafe, and Sushi Box, the, um, well... Sushi Box? Have you got any foodie recommendations in Aberdeen Market? Let me know, I think this is my fave new thing.



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